USA Holidays

Vast landscapes, soaring skyscrapers, big attractions and even bigger portions; America doesn’t do things by halves. Visit one of the country’s iconic cities for amazing shopping, brilliant art and scenes you’ll recognise from the movies.

New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco and LA all have their own mix of non-stop nightlife and must see sights. But there’s more to America than bright lights and city streets; see awe-inspiring natural wonders, groundbreaking attractions and pristine beaches too.

Can't decide where in the US you'd most like to go? We don't blame you. Ask us about combining destinations to create your very own American adventure.

America is packed places that people have always wanted to see. We’re thinking Graceland, Disneyworld, Broadway, Hollywood and Vegas – and those are just a few. When you’re not hunting down some of the world’s most wanted sights, you can ride world class rollercoasters, go shopping, peruse galleries, take helicopter rides, dive, play golf, go horse riding, try wine tasting, see amazing wildlife and a whole lot more. This is the USA – and holidays here are unforgettable.

In America, pretty much every cuisine you can think of is at your fingertips. From enormous buffets to gourmet dishes, freshly caught seafood to donuts and hamburgers, international cuisine to the latest health food craze – you’ll find it all in the States. If you’re staying in California, head to Napa Valley and try the famous wine.