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Iceland Holidays


Iceland Holidays

What an Iceland holiday looks like:

Holidays in Iceland

Iceland boasts epic scenery and a charming capital city. It’s famous for stunning dramatic landscapes of volcanoes, geysers, waterfalls, and glaciers – not to mention the wonder of the Northern Lights.

Most holidays in Iceland start in the capital, Reykjavik, with its quaint Nordic charm and quirky culture. While the art museums, shops, and city sights will provide enough entertainment for a short break; heading to the countryside is perfect for understanding the people and culture.

Iceland's unique geothermal activity is harnessed across the country, so you’ll find ‘hot spots’ everywhere – from downtown Reykjavik to the isolated Westfjords. The open-air hot tubs are like bars; an authentic place to socialise with the locals.

Where is the best place to stay in?

Reykjavik is top of everyone’s Iceland holiday wish list. It’s the world's most northern capital, Iceland's cultural hub, and offers vibrant nightlife and abundant cafes, bars, and restaurants. Famous sights include Hallgrimskirkja, Harpa Concert Hall, National Museum of Iceland, and Perlan.

Travel Guide

Iceland is popular year-round, though temperatures only reach around 11°C in July and August and drop to around 0°C from January to March. 

  • Currency: Icelandic Krona
  • Average temp: 5°C/41°F
  • Average flight time: 2 Hours
  • Time Difference: 0 hours
Iceland holidays

Iceland holidays

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Things to see and do in Iceland

You’ll be spoilt for choice of things to see and do on your Iceland holiday; from hiking across glaciers and black sand beaches to historic museums and world-famous DJ events – there’s something for everyone.

Seeing the iconic Northern Lights will no doubt be high on your list, so plan your trip from September to April for your best chance. Book a group excursion to take you to the perfect spot or sail from Reykjavik on a boat tour to seek them out at sea.

Visiting the Blue Lagoon is an absolute must. The cyan water is rich in minerals, algae, and fine silica mud that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Wildlife fans can head to Húsavík known as the whale-watching capital of Iceland or catch a glimpse of arctic foxes in Hornstrandir.


Iceland's Weather

Average monthly temperature in Iceland (°C)

  • Jan 0°C
  • Feb 0°C
  • Mar 0°C
  • Apr 3°C
  • May 6°C
  • Jun 9°C
  • Jul 11°C
  • Aug 11°C
  • Sep 7°C
  • Oct 4°C
  • Nov 3°C
  • Dec 2°C

Food and drink in Iceland

With dark and cold winters, you’ll find plenty of traditional hearty food inspired by seasonal ingredients. There’s also an abundance of top-class restaurants where chefs have offer creative local cuisine.

Try Reykjavik's famous hot-dog or ‘plysur’ made from a blend of beef, lamb, and pork and accompanied by crunchy deep-fried onions, raw onions, sweet mustard and a creamy remoulade.

Seafood is plentiful from deep-fried cod to mussel stews. Snack like the locals and enjoy a salty fish jerky. Lamb is an Icelandic staple best enjoyed in hearty stews at casual eateries or as roasted sirloin.

food and drink
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