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Greek Island Holidays
Greek Islands

Greek Island holidays

Greek Island Holidays

A Vision of White and Blue; Experience the Magic of the Greek Islands

Holidays in The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are a dream destination, offering a magical blend of stunning landscapes, ancient history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. With over 200 inhabited islands, each with its own unique charm, there’s no end to the adventures and relaxation you can find in the waters across the Aegean and Ionian Seas around Greece. 
From all-inclusive 5-star luxury resorts and adults-only hotels to family-friendly package deals and last-minute self-catering breaks; the Greek Islands are a timeless summer destination suited to everyone with any budget. All you need to do is decide which floating gem you’ll visit first!

When is the best time to visit? The best time to visit the Greek Islands is from late April to early October when the weather is warm and ideal for exploring. During this period, you’ll enjoy sunny days perfect for beach outings, sightseeing, and experiencing vibrant local festivals. The summer months of July and August are hot, hot, hot- perfect for sun worshipers. For a more tranquil experience, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons of May and September, when the crowds are smaller, and the temperatures are pleasantly mild.

Where is the best place to stay? Greece has many different islands to discover. Each is completely unique. Visit Santorini, the jewel of the Aegean, with its iconic, postcard-perfect, white-washed buildings and blue-domed churches. Enjoy Mykonos, the Island of the Wind, renowned for its cosmopolitan vibe, lively nightlife, and beautiful beaches. Soak up the Grecian atmosphere in Zakynthos, also known as Zante, famous for its natural wonders, iconic Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach), and vibrant nightlife. Or if you're looking to escape the tourist favourites consider looking at: Ikaria, Paros, Kos, Symi, Ios, or Skopelos. From the historic gems of Rhodes and rugged beauty of Crete to the emerald landscapes of Corfu, make sure to look into the different islands when searching for your dream Mamma Mia holiday.

Travel Guide

Whether you’re seeking relaxation on beautiful beaches with friends, a couple's adventure in nature, or a journey through history with the family, the Greek Islands have something to offer everyone.

  • Currency: Euro
  • Average flight time: 4 Hours
  • Time Difference: +2 Hours

Latest Greece Holiday Offers

Whether it is discovering a new city or re-visiting a favourite destination, our choice of funky boutique hotels to luxury 5 star palaces allows you to shape your break the way you want it.

Greek Islands

Greek Island holidays

Sea, Sand and Iconic Sunsets

Sea, Sand and Iconic Sunsets

Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of waves lapping against the shore, the sun rising over crystal-clear waters, and a landscape dotted with charming, whitewashed buildings… well, that’s what the Greek Islands are all about! Santorini is famed for its breathtaking sunsets, best viewed from the cliffs of Oia. The island’s caldera offers panoramic views that are perfect for capturing the beauty of the Aegean Sea. For the adventurous, Mykonos offers excellent opportunities for water sports. Try windsurfing at Kalafatis Beach or embark on a scuba diving adventure in the crystal-clear waters. Enjoy the golden sands of Tsambika Beach or the more secluded Anthony Quinn Bay, perfect for swimming and snorkelling on the stunning shores of Rhodes. Or kick back on some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean in Crete, like the pink sands of Elafonissi Beach and the serene cove of Balos Lagoon.

Uncover Ancient Ruins and Old Towns

Uncover Ancient Ruins and Old Towns

Visit the ancient city of Akrotiri in Santorini, a well-preserved Minoan settlement buried in volcanic ash offering a fascinating glimpse into prehistoric life in the Aegean. Explore the Palace of Knossos, the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete. This ancient Minoan palace is steeped in mythology and history, making it a must-visit. Rhodes Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that transports you back in time. Stroll through the medieval streets, visit the Palace of the Grand Master, and explore the ancient city walls. Wander through the charming streets of Mykonos Town (Chora), with its iconic windmills, vibrant bougainvillaea, and maze-like alleys filled with boutiques and cafes or head to the lush countryside of Corfu dotted with ancient olive groves and take a scenic drive or hike through the island’s interior to experience its natural beauty.

Island Hopping Adventures

Island Hopping Adventures

Don’t know which stellar island to choose? Why not visit a few? Island hopping in the Greek Islands is the ultimate adventure for travel enthusiasts. From the stunning sunsets of Santorini to the vibrant nightlife of Mykonos, and the historical treasures of Crete to the lush landscapes of Corfu, island hopping in Greece allows you to experience the best of the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Hop on a boat from the mainland or large island port and sail the crystal waters stopping at some of the most popular Greek Islands, as well as some secluded beauties. Enjoy crystal-clear waters, charming villages, and delectable cuisine as you voyage between enchanting destinations. Sun, sea and sailing- it doesn’t get better than this!

Food & Drink

Food & Drink:

Considered some of the best food in the world by British travellers, a holiday to Greece wouldn’t be complete without tasting the local delicacies. Savour the flavours of Greece with traditional dishes like dakos, dolmades, moussaka, and lamb with stamnagathi. Other Greek favourites like souvlaki and gyros are best enjoyed al fresco in small tavernas or on the go as you browse bustling markets in the sunshine. Don't miss out on trying raki, a local spirit, freshly picked olives, aniseed-flavoured Ouzo as an aperitif, and the robustly flavoured Retsina wine with your meal. Most big resorts have a wide choice of restaurants, embracing flavours from around the world and the odd fast-food joint too. Many visitors to beach resorts choose all-inclusive holidays, where buffet meals, snacks, and selected drinks are often included in the cost.

Weather in the Greek Islands

Average monthly temperature in the Greek Islands (°C)

  • Jan 10°C
  • Feb 10°C
  • Mar 13°C
  • Apr 16°C
  • May 21°C
  • Jun 26°C
  • Jul 29°C
  • Aug 29°C
  • Sep 24°C
  • Oct 20°C
  • Nov 15°C
  • Dec 12°C

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