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What does API mean and who do I give this information to?

Advance Passenger Information (API) must be provided to the authorities before you travel. This required information includes your passport details and your contact information. Incorrect or incomplete information may result in your journey being delayed, either at check in or immigration. Hays Travel Ltd cannot accept responsibility for incomplete or inaccurate information and no refunds will be issued if you are unable to travel as a consequence of this. If you are unsure on who you provide your API to then please contact the telephone number or email address provided on your Hays Travel Booking Confirmation.

When will I receive my tickets?

The majority of our suppliers now issue e-tickets. Information relating to your booking will be sent to you within 48 hours of the booking being made. There are, however, some exceptions. Some low cost airlines now require boarding cards to be printed before check-in.
All relevant documentation required for travel can be accessed and printed via the 'MY BOOKING' section of the Hays Travel website.

How do I check-in online?
Not all airlines allow passengers to check-in online prior to travel. If online check-in is available, you will need your airline reference number, which can be found on your booking confirmation. Online check-is usually available from approximately 5 to 7 days before departure date.
What is an e-ticket?
E-tickets, which have been adopted by the majority of our suppliers, allow passengers ticketless travel. If the airline you are travelling with uses e-tickets, you will be sent the required information via email within 24 hours of making your booking. Once received, simply print the documentation, as it is required for you to travel.
How do I cancel my booking?

A request to cancel a booking must be made in writing by the lead passenger. The best way to do this is by sending an email to the one provided on your Hays Travel Booking Confirmation. Please make it clear to us if you are looking to cancel the entire booking or whether you would just like to cancel a specific member of your party's booking. To help us assist you quicker, please include your booking reference number. We will then contact you to advise you of any cancellation charges and seek your consent prior to cancelling. A cancellation invoice can be issued upon request should you require one for insurance purposes.

I think my tickets are incorrect, what can I do?

Please contact the telephone number or email address provided on your Hays Travel Booking Confirmation. The name on your ticket should match the name as it appears on your passport. Changes to incorrect spellings may or may not be allowed by the airline depending on their policies, and will generally be subject to an amendment fee.

Is it possible to change a name on my booking?

Name changes are subject to the terms and conditions of your tour operator or airline, and will incur amendment fees. Please contact the telephone number or email address provided on your Hays Travel Booking Confirmation who will obtain the information specific to your booking.

My holiday is an 'allocated on arrival' holiday. What does this mean?
The standard of accommodation and board basis on an 'allocation on arrival' holiday are guaranteed. However, the accommodation is allocated on arrival by the holiday company, and is subject to their terms and conditions. This type of holiday is ideal for those who want to book late and who are flexible; but isn't recommended if you want specifics, such as a property located near the beach, or particular features, like a swimming pool or a property with no steps.
Why is my hotel booked for a certain number of nights?

Your holiday accommodation is usually reserved for you from 14.00 hrs (dependant on destination) on the day that you depart the UK. For flights departing between 00.01 and 04.00 hrs, the day of departure is deemed to be the previous day. On some occasions, you may arrive in the early hours or during the course of the morning; in which case, your accommodation should be available immediately – this is classed as the first night of your holiday. Rooms are normally vacated at 12.00 noon on the last day of your holiday. However, in some areas, this may be earlier. If you are on an All Inclusive, Half Board or Full Board basis, you may lose a meal due to your flight times.

What currency should I take?

Visit the Destinations pages on the website for more information on the currency that is legal tender for country you are visiting. All major currencies can be ordered online via the Hays Travel website or are available from your nearest high street branch of Hays Travel. We are also able to offer you fantastic daily rates, commission free currency and commission free buybacks.

When travelling to the USA, what kind of currency should I take?
The currency used in the USA is the US Dollar ($). We recommend that your spending money includes an amount of cash, with the remainder in traveller’s cheques (or on a currency card). Please note that some places may charge when converting traveller’s cheques. This advice is applicable for anywhere where US Dollars are accepted.
Which documents do I need on holiday?
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct documentation to travel. These documents include: A valid passport, an appropriate visa (where required), travel insurance documents and health forms such EHIC. If you do not travel with the correct documentation, you may not be permitted to board your flight.