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Sweet Home Alabama

Soul music and soul food, a Mardi Gras that predates New Orleans, the rolling foothills of the Appalachians and swathes of white sand on Gulf Coast beaches. Alabama is the sweet surprise of the South.


A state whose story is told through its people. Where Dr. Martin Luther King led the protest to end segregation, and where Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat, with her subsequent arrest sparking the Montgomery bus boycott.

A state of creators and innovators, movers and shakers, one eye on the future, the other on the past. It’s home to the world’s largest space museum and to one of America’s most historic streets.


Alabama is an entire soul-shaking soundtrack of the 60’s and 70’s, where everyone from Aretha Franklin, Cher and the Rolling Stones came to record their music. What’s more, Father of the Blues W.C. Handy and country music star Hank Williams were born there. Sweet Home Alabama, it’s so much more than a song.


Our Alabama Offers

Places to visit

Discover the many regions of Alabama



Huntsville, Alabama, boasts a storied history and a promising future


Home to the world’s largest space museum, the U.S. Space and Rocket Centre, a place of gravity defying rides, interactive exhibits, planetarium shows and Space Camp. Enjoy live music and performances in Huntsville’s many venues from the state of the art Orion Amphitheatre, or keep it intimate with smaller spaces like Stovehouse and the Furniture Factory. Take a bite of traditional Alabaman cuisine at Commerce Kitchen and wash it down with a drink or two at the respective Downtown Huntsville’s Craft Beer, Cocktail or Coffee trails. Bask in the ambience of Huntsville’s Botanical Garden and Monte Sano State Park or seek inspiration at Lowe Mill ARTS and Entertainment.

The Shoals

Muscle Shoals is a vibrant tapestry that harmonises the best of music, nature, and outdoor adventures


Feel the spirit of the musical greats with a tour of F.A.M.E and Muscle Shoals Sound Studios as well as the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. Feast on traditional food favourites at the Garden Gate Café. Hike through the woodlands and native plant garden at Muscle Shoals Reservation or take a family picnic at Gattman Park, before visiting Ivy Green, once home to Helen Keller, the famous political activist, disability rights activist and lecturer.

The Shoals


Birmingham, a city of boundless delights, offers diverse experiences to captivate every visitor


Chef-owned restaurants throughout the area attract visitors to dine at the dinner table of the South. Birmingham also serves up some of the world’s best barbecue at dozens of open-pit BBQ joints around the city. Infuse delicious dining with live music at the Fennec. Visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute for an inspiring and award-winning experience, or visit the world’s largest motorcycle collection at Barber Vintage Motorsports museum. For an exciting family experience, get a panoramic view of the City from Vulcan, the largest cast iron statue in the world! Interact with an array of exhibits from dinosaurs to environmental showcases at McWane Science Centre, also home to the IMAX Dome Theatre.


Explore Alabama's capital, Montgomery, a city steeped in Civil Rights Movement history


Montgomery’s Dexter Avenue played a pivotal role in both the American Civil War and the Civil Rights movement; just steps from the Capitol, where Jefferson Davis was sworn in as first president of the Confederacy, lies Dr. Martin Luther King’s Church, a few blocks from Rosa Parks’ bus stop. Down the road, Chris’ Famous Hotdogs has served everyone from Elvis to Franklin D. Roosevelt. Step back into the life of country star Hank Williams whose 100th anniversary was in 2023 at the Hank Williams Museum. Montgomery is also home to the longest urban Whitewater rafting course in the world.



Discover Mobile, Alabama; a historic gem where every visit brings new experiences.


Mobile celebrated its first Mardi Gras in 1703, 15 years before New Orleans was founded. Dauphin Street’s wrought-iron railings and pastel facades give it a similar architecture and ambience to New Orleans. If you’re not there for Fat Tuesday, the Carnival Museum has a collection of fun floats, glittering crowns and gowns.


Of the thousands of ships that participated in the transatlantic slave trade, few have been found, which explains the excitement when the wreck of the Clotilda was discovered here in 2019. You can learn more about this at the Africatown Heritage House. Great food can be found at Wintzell’s Original Oyster Hours or on one of the many restaurants on ‘The Causeway.’

Orange Beach

Discover Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, home of Alabama’s 32 miles of sugar white sand beaches.


Situated on the Gulf Coast, Orange Beach and Gulf Shores are considered the water sports hub of the Yellowhammer State, see dolphins frolicking in their natural habitat with Cetacean Cruises, charter a fishing boat, or cast your line off the Gulf State Park Fishing Pier. Great food can be enjoyed at LuLu’s Gulf shores or check out recently opened CoastAL in Orange Beach. No trip would be complete without a visit to the World Famous Florabama! For a family adventure, you can hike, cycle or Segway the 6500 acres of the Gulf State Park.

Surfing Orange Beach

Things to do

Discover everything Alabama has to offer

Muscle Shoals Sound Studio


Alabama has a rich and storied music history, with many of great musicians coming from the state


Home to the iconic Muscle Shoals Sound and F.A.M.E. studios, which housed the talents of legends like Aretha Franklin, Percy Sledge and The Rolling Stones. Nearby in Florence, the wood cabin where the Father of the Blues W.C. Handy was born is now a museum, In Montgomery, step back into the life of country star Hank Williams. Amphitheatres in Huntsville and at the Wharf in Orange Beach host world renowned performers. Festivals such as Rock the South and Hangout fest attract visitors from all over the world.

Civil Rights and History

Few states have a history that is as rich as Alabama


The Montgomery Bus Boycott of the 1950s propelled Alabama towards the Civil Rights podium, with the state becoming the primary provider of pivotal African American voices. Across the state’s many museums and exhibitions, explore the compelling tragedies and triumphs behind the movement that saw thousands strive for social justice in a steady campaign of nonviolence, rebuilding the likes of universal voting rights and criminalising segregation.

Civil Rights museum

Local Flavours

Alabama is home to a diverse culinary scene


Renowned for its barbecue brilliance and unique White BBQ Sauce, Alabama hosts a succulent selection of signature Southern dishes that are sure to warm the soul. Dine in a range of award-winning restaurants and popular diners where the fresh seafood and moreish desserts are aplenty. From smoked meats and royal red shrimp to pecan pie and banana pudding, you’re sure to feel content and comforted after feasting on these homemade classics.


Experience the best of Alabama outdoors!


Sitting on the Gulf of Mexico, the Yellow Hammer State boasts a multitude of white-sand beaches, complemented by pristine aquamarine waters. With its mild climate and lack of congestion, the Gulf ensures ultimate relaxation for tourists wishing to unwind. Visit from April to October for the perfect sea swimming experience.


Accompanying the coast is the Gulf State Park, a public recreation space with beautiful greenery and lakes. Cycle, or Segway, through the Hugh.S Branyon Backcountry Trail. Take a stroll to one of the beachfront restaurants, before settling down in your beachside hotel, or one of Gulf State Parks rustic cottages, cabins or campgrounds. If golf is your thing, take on the impressive Robert Trent Jones Trail, a collection of 26 challenging golf courses scattered across 11 sites in Alabama.

white sanded beach
Huntsville’s Space and Rocket Center

Family Fun

Alabama, the ideal destination for families, serving scores of interests and hobbies suited to all ages


Jet off to Huntsville’s Space and Rocket Center to gaze upon awe-inspiring exhibits like the Apollo 12 Moon Rock and Pathfinder – the only full-stack space shuttle display in the world. Visit Birmingham’s Barber Vintage Sports Museum and revel in more than a thousand exquisite cars and motorcycles. Continue the learning experience with a trip to the Mobile Carnival Museum, which celebrates the historic tradition of Mardi Gras, adorned with colourful exhibits such as the pictorial gallery and vibrant monarchical costume design, plus the chance to board a street party rocking float. Let the adrenaline flow with a visit to Montgomery’s all-new White Water outdoor activity centre, set with inflatable kayaking, whitewater rafting and more.