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Thailand's premier destination for sun, sand, and endless adventure.

Holidays in Phuket

Nestled in the azure waters of the Andaman Sea, Phuket is a tropical paradise that beckons travellers from around the globe with its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and thrilling activities. Whether you're seeking relaxation, exploration, or a bit of both, Phuket offers something for everyone.

When is the best time to visit? Looking to escape the British winters? Then Phuket is your ticket. Between November and the end of April, it gets gradually warmer in Thailand. In the hottest months, temperatures can soar to 34˚C, but cool breezes tend to keep things comfortable, making it the perfect faraway destination for some winter sunshine.

Where is the best place to stay in Phuket? There are plenty of resorts to entertain you on Thailand’s largest island. For families and couples who want a classic Thai beach retreat, Kata and Karon Beach are the places to be. If you’re looking for nightlife with a lively atmosphere all day long, Patong is a resort packed with fantastic restaurants and a multitude of shops, malls, cinemas, shows, and entertainment. 
Worlds away from the infamous nightlife of Patong, Phuket Town is ideal for culture and history enthusiasts who want to explore the local heritage.

Travel guide

Phuket is perfect for a winter escape of culture, cracking cuisines, and calm coastlines. Make sure to carry a sarong or cover-up with you in case you stumble upon an ancient hidden gem.

  • Best time to visit: November-April
  • Average temp: 28°C/82°F
  • Average flight time: 12 Hours
  • Most suited for: Couples
  • Currency: Thai baht
  • Time Difference: +7 Hours
Big Buddha & James Bond

Big Buddha & James Bond

Phuket boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, each with its own unique charm. But perhaps the most famous is located on James Bond Island. Made popular by Roger Moore’s rendition of 007’s The Man with The Golden Gun, glide through towering limestone cliffs and warm turquoise oceans of Phang Nga Bay before reaching a paradise from the big screen. Everywhere has its unique lineup of iconic landmarks and in Phuket there is one more to add to your bucket list- Big Buddha.  Soaring 45 metres into the clouds, the white marble depiction of the religious figurehead is an iconic beauty that should be seen by all who visit the island.

Experience Thrilling Adventures

Experience Thrilling Adventures

For thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts, Phuket offers a plethora of adrenaline-pumping activities to get your heart racing. Take to the skies with a thrilling zip-line adventure through the lush jungle canopy or soar above the turquoise waters on a parasailing excursion. Explore hidden caves and lagoons by kayak or embark on a scuba diving or snorkelling excursion to discover the vibrant underwater world teeming with marine life. With options ranging from ATV rides and jungle treks to bungee jumping and jet skiing, the adventures in Phuket are endless.

Electric Nights in Patong

Electric Nights in Patong

Patong lures travellers from all over the world to experience its picturesque beaches and legendary nightlife. Big, bold, and colourful, an evening in Patong focuses on one area – Balanga Walking Street. A melting pot of people and cultures, this bar and restaurant-lined street sees people from all over the island gather to take in the live music, rooftop bars, and world-class nightclubs. Explore some of the 100 clubs, dance the night away or get some kicks at a Muay Thai fight night. Whatever you choose, you’re in for an electric night.

food and drink

Food & Drink

No visit to Phuket would be complete without sampling its delectable cuisine. From street food stalls offering mouthwatering pad Thai and spicy green curry to upscale restaurants serving fresh seafood and international fare, Phuket is a paradise for food lovers. Be sure to try local specialities like tom yum goong (spicy shrimp soup) and massaman curry, and don't forget to cool off with a refreshing coconut or a scoop of homemade ice cream from one of the island's many vendors.


Average monthly temperature in Phuket(°C)

  • Jan 27°C
  • Feb 28°C
  • Mar 29°C
  • Apr 29°C
  • May 29°C
  • Jun 29°C
  • Jul 28°C
  • Aug 28°C
  • Sep 27°C
  • Oct 28°C
  • Nov 27°C
  • Dec 27°C
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