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Tunisia Holidays

Tunisia Holidays

Tunisia Holidays

Tunisia nestles in North Africa and boasts the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea on its northern and eastern coastline.

Holidays in Tunisia

A country of contrasts, Tunisia is your gateway to 400 miles of white, sandy beaches lapped by the gentle waves and a variety of stylish resorts and hotels; alongside ancient cities and villages with Roman ruins, ornate mosques, and bustling medinas and the Sahara Desert within easy reach. Add into the mix delicious cuisine, a rich history and culture, activities galore, and year-round warm weather and it’s easy to see why Tunisia holidays are a favourite with British holidaymakers.

When is the best time to visit? Tunisia has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers, slightly cooler weather in spring and autumn, and warm winters with December the wettest month. Average monthly temperatures span from 27oC in July and August down to 12oC in January – making holidays to Tunisia a perfect choice throughout the year. 

Where is the best place to stay? Discover an array of places to stay in Tunisia to suit every budget. The main holiday resorts are Hammamet, Yasmine Hammamet, Port El Kantaoui, Skanes, and Sousse, while the capital Tunis and Monastir are perfect for a city break. Whether you’re seeking bed and breakfast, self-catering, half-board, or all-inclusive; Hays Travel will find you the best accommodation for your Tunisia holiday.

Travel guide

Tunisia holidays are popular with all ages and tastes including families, couples, friends, and single travellers. Holidays to Tunisia have something for everyone.

  • Best time to visit: Year-round
  • Average flight time: 3 Hours
  • Most suited for: Families, Friends, Couples
  • Currency: Tunisian Dinar
  • Time Difference: 0 hours
Beach Life and Medinas!

Beach Life and Medinas!

Hammamet’s ten-kilometre stretch of sands wends its way around the Cap-Bon Peninsula and is a haven for sun-worshippers, the adjoining seas are perfect for water sports, and the Medina’s souks, spice markets, hammans, riads, and the Great Mosque and Kasbah just beg to be explored. Yasmine Hammamet combines pedestrianized streets and boulevards lined with seafood eateries and lively bars with pristine sands, a marina, and also vibrant clubs on the outskirts. Port El Kantaoui reveals golden sands, a café and restaurant-lined luxury marina and fountain-filled square, and Golf El Kantaoui’s 18-hole The Panorama and The Sea Courses. Skanes sits on the eastern coast close to Monastir and Sousse and brings together luxury hotels with a white sandy beach with water sports, golf at the 18-hole Palm Link Golf Club, and retail therapy at Safari Shopping Centre.

City life and the Sahara Desert!

City life and the Sahara Desert!

Tunisia’s capital city of Tunis is a haven for ancient sites and attractions; from the beautiful mosaics at The National Bardo Museum and the Medina with its vibrant Ech-Chaouachine, El Attarine, and El Berka souks, Umayyad-era Olive Tree Mosque, and Dar Hussein Palace to nearby Carthage with its atmospheric ancient ruins of baths, theatres, and villas. The historic city of Monastir rests on the Gulf of Hammamet and leads to white-sand beaches, a palm-tree lined promenade, a marina, and the Medina’s Ribat of Monastir, Mausoleum of Habib, and Bourguiba Mosque. Sousse is Tunisia’s third-largest city and mixes modern hotels and windsurfing and jet-skiing at Boujaafar Beach with a UNESCO-listed Medina and the Ribat of Sousse. The Sahara Desert to the south of Tunisia is your gateway to activities galore from riding a quad bike or sand surfing through the dunes to camel tours and desert safaris.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

There’s plenty to tempt your taste buds food and drink-wise in Tunisia’s towns and cities. Traditional dishes to sample include Couscous (with fish, seafood, or lamb and dried fruit); Brik (pastry packets filled with potatoes, eggs, or tuna); Harissa (spicy paste of hot chilli peppers and garlic); Keftas (meatballs or fish with onion, egg, and parsley), and Ojja (eggs and merguez spicy lamb sausage in a savoury tomato sauce); with Madmouja (puff pastry stuffed with dates and coated with geranium perfumed sugar syrup) and Baklava (puff pastry filled with almonds and dried fruits and coated with rosewater) for afters. Mint Tea served hot or over ice with pine nuts floating on top is also popular, as too is Boukha spirit made from figs and Muscat, Sidi Saad, Gris de Tunisie, and Chateau Mornags Rose wines.

Tunisia Weather

Average monthly temperature in Tunisia (°C)

  • Jan 12°C
  • Feb 12°C
  • Mar 13°C
  • Apr 16°C
  • May 19°C
  • Jun 23°C
  • Jul 26°C
  • Aug 27°C
  • Sep 25°C
  • Oct 22°C
  • Nov 17°C
  • Dec 13°C
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