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Egypt Holidays

Egypt Holidays

Egypt Holidays

Ancient royal lands and timeless luxury await on a holiday to Egypt.

Holidays in Egypt

A country where iconic kings and queens once ruled, the desert lands of Egypt offer holidaymakers a blend of opulence and history. Whether you want a glittering all-inclusive resort, a family holiday with that extra adventure or a trip back in time to experience history and culture, Egypt has it all.   

When is the best time to visit? With a sub-tropical desert climate, Egypt boasts year-round sunshine. The best time to visit is typically between October and April when daytime temperatures are more comfortable, and nights are refreshing. 

Where is the best place to stay in Egypt? With beguiling deserts, stunning shorelines and lush delta, Egypt is a country with boundless beauty. A trove of history and culture, Egypt’s bustling capital of Cairo is an ideal base for exploring the ancient wonders of Egypt. Immerse yourself in the relics of its ancient civilisation, cruise the majestic Nile River and meander skinny lanes of lantern-packed markets nestled between grand mosques. If your journey to the land of the Pharaohs focuses less on history and more on sun-filled pool days, then the coastal resorts of Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada are perfect. With stunning stretches of African sands, crystal clear waters, and luxury resorts that don’t break the budget, a holiday to these resorts is all about sun, sea, and a sprinkle of adventure. 

Travel guide

There are Egypt holiday options for all budgets with Hays Travel. Whether you are looking for a purse-friendly family getaway, a luxury couples retreat, or an epic tour, Egypt’s fantastic accommodation and activity options mean you can organise your dream holiday as you like it.

  • Best time to visit: October-April
  • Average temp: 26°C/79°F
  • Average flight time: 5 Hours
  • Most suited for: Families, Couples
  • Currency: Egyptian Pound
  • Time Difference: +2 Hours

Latest Egypt Holiday Offers

Sun, Sea, and Sand-kissed Sights

Sun, Sea, and Sand-kissed Sights

There’s plenty to keep you busy on a holiday to Egypt. Ride camels across never-ending bronzed sands, go dune buggy riding or camp beneath the stars in a traditional tent. Stand in wonder at the Great Pyramids of Giza, wander through the Valley of the Kings, take in the beauty of the Great Sphinx and let the ancient art and treasures of the pharaohs come alive. When the sightseeing is done, get away from the deserts and head to the tranquil crystal-clear coastlines to snorkel among the corals in the Red Sea in style.

Cruising the River Nile

Cruising the River Nile

Cruising down the majestic River Nile is an enchanting journey that transports travellers through millennia of history and breathtaking natural beauty. As the lifeblood of ancient Egypt, the Nile River offers a unique perspective on the country's iconic landmarks, from the imposing temples of Luxor and Karnak to the timeless wonders of Aswan. On board a luxurious river cruise, you can relax in comfort while marvelling at the ever-changing landscapes along the riverbanks. Whether basking in the golden glow of sunset on deck or exploring ancient ruins on shore excursions, cruising down the River Nile is a magical experience that leaves an indelible impression on all who embark on this timeless voyage.

After-Dark Adventures

After-Dark Adventures

Egypt offers a vibrant and diverse nightlife. From bustling city streets to serene riverside cafes, there's something for everyone to enjoy after dark. In major cities like Cairo and Alexandria, lively bars, clubs, and lounges come to life, offering everything from pulsating electronic music and belly dancing clubs to traditional live performances. For those seeking a more relaxed evening, quaint cafes along the Nile River provide the perfect setting to unwind with a shisha pipe or enjoy traditional Egyptian tea while soaking in stunning views of the illuminated city skyline. Whether you're looking to dance the night away or savour quiet moments of reflection, Egypt's nightlife promises unforgettable experiences for all.

food and drink

Food & Drink

With many hotels in Egypt serving up a selection of international dishes for British holidaymakers to enjoy, it is easy to spend your time in Egypt enjoying the flavours of home. However, we think everyone should try their taste-tingling cuisines. From the yummy breakfast dish Shakshuka and the family-favourite stew-like meal Fattah to Koshary, the carb-packed combination of macaroni, rice and beans flavoured with tomatoes and tangy sauce; there’s a whole world of food waiting to be tried. But if you want something simple to start with, why not begin with dessert? Konafa, a pastry soaked in syrup stuffed with creamy cheese and topped with nuts for that extra crunch, is a delight everyone will enjoy.


Average monthly temperature in Egypt (°C)

  • Jan 17°C
  • Feb 19°C
  • Mar 23°C
  • Apr 26°C
  • May 29°C
  • Jun 32°C
  • Jul 34°C
  • Aug 34°C
  • Sep 32°C
  • Oct 28°C
  • Nov 23°C
  • Dec 19°C
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