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New Orleans

There's no place like NOLA

Situated along the Mississippi river, New Orleans in Louisiana is considered to be one of the world’s most extraordinary cities. Once embroiled in a historic struggle for control of North America, The Big Easy, as the city is known, evolved into a melting pot – the embracement and merging of heritages sculpted the diverse and distinctive society we know of there today.


This eclectic mix of vibrant culture is poured into every fibre of the city’s identity, from zesty Creole cuisine to unique dialectical fusions found from the gracious locals. Earning the moniker The Big Easy for its mellow vibe, New Orleans holds an infectious, positive atmosphere that is loyal to the city’s rhythmic, jazz roots, with a buzzing nightlife and jovial daytime brimming with flavour, passion and sound. There is a sense of humble pride there, with the likes of historical exhibits and festivals commemorating the popular Culture Capital of the South. With all its diversity and positivity, visiting New Orleans should be an Easy choice to make.

Our New Orleans Offers

Couple dining


Devoted to good eating


Dining in New Orleans is a memorable culinary experience as it blends traditional cuisine with innovative twists, with the respective Creole and Cajun cultures dominating the city’s dishes. Feast upon the Creole fusion of Native American, French, African and Spanish essences through specialities like spicy jambalaya, or try the Cajun dish of delectable chicken gumbo - a French and Southern American soul food blend. Possibly the most renowned foodstuff is the Po Boy – with a myriad of fillings from shrimp to surf and turf, the make-up of this sandwich, like the city, is also big on diversity.


Explore the New Orleans cocktail scene


Inventor of the Sazerac in the 1850s, New Orleans is a mecca for cocktail-lovers. The city’s dynamic French Quarter offers an array of artisan cocktails down by the open-air French Market, set against a charming backdrop of antique stores and modern boutiques. Meanwhile at the heart of the Quarter, chic cocktail bars pepper the district at a walkable distance, generating the perfect laidback cocktail crawl with gems like The Sazerac Bar, Justine, and Jewel of the South.

Jazz band


The sounds of the New Orleans embrace and charm


New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz, and this very scene has raised stars including Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino and Harry Connick Jr. Step into it with a trip to Preservation Hall, the historic jazz venue located in the enthralling French Quarter. Be among a traditional Creole crowd in Fabourg Marigny’s Frenchmen Street, where the bars, nightclubs and restaurants are humming with powerful live jazz, among other genres like soul and R&B. Whatever your preference, there’s something for everyone in this musical utopia.


With over 130 festivals a year, there's a celebration for everything and everyone


The Big Easy certainly hosts big celebrations in homage to its extensive musicality, artistry, culture and heritage. For a galvanising ensemble of jazz, funk, Cajun beats and more, join the crowd at The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival every April or May, or head for something more lowkey with the Oakstreet Po Boy Festival in November – a place for tourists to tuck in to comforting Creole cuisine from a choice of 40 food and beverage vendors, alongside a Kidz Zone, Arts Market and even live music. The grandest affair of them all, the iconic Mardi Gras festival, commences on 6 January and ends on Ash Wednesday, with the carnival season showcasing a plethora of playful traditions like bead-throwing and king cake eating. With an exciting line-up of festivals running throughout the year suited for a range of interests and ages, it’s little wonder why the city is labelled the Festival Capital of the World.

Mardi Gras festival
St Charles Avenue

History & Culture

Enthralling, captivating and always a good time, that’s New Orleans through the ages


New Orleans holds over 300 years of impressively picturesque architecture in over 20 districts. Head to St Charles Avenue on the path’s exclusive streetcar line, where an array of sublime stately mansions and homes border the oak-lined thoroughfare. Immerse yourself in the majestic St Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter – a landmark that’s stood since the 18th century, and which is the oldest continually-utilised cathedral in the USA’s entirety. Throughout history, the buildings have stood tall and unwavering, backdropping momentous events like the Civil Rights Movement, where African American activists used non-violent strategies like marches and boycotts to protest in favour of equality. These advocates may no longer be with us, but their courageous stories continue to be told through the likes of the Amistad Research Centre, a museum and library service dedicated to African American research, and the Louisiana Civil Rights Museum.

Other Places to Visit

Iconic streets are all around the Crescent City


If you’re feeling nocturnal, pay a visit to Bourbon Street, where the buildings are of historic French heritage, the lights are bright, and the music spilling from the sea of bars is pulsing. For a contrasting experience, bask in the tranquillity of the Garden District which, alongside the aforementioned stately mansions, is also home to the historic Lafayette Cemetery No.1. Rich with extensive and meaningful history, observe Treme’s stunning 19th century architecture and commemorative Louis Armstrong Park while acknowledging its significance as the oldest African American neighbourhood in the USA. Feel the vibrance of the nearby neighbourhoods of Marigny and Bywater, situated in Frenchmen Street – areas bursting with exuberant art markets, artisan galleries and groovy live music spots. Continue your artistic voyage in the Arts and Warehouse District, where beautiful artwork is preserved in The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and where galleries rejoice to showcase their new exhibits during the First Saturday Gallery Openings in Julia Street.


There is beauty to observe, education to reap and fun to be had at every angle in the city of New Orleans – qualities that often appear to be interwoven with each other.

Bourbon Street