Lapland's best spots for nightlife

Date Posted: 31/01/2020

It’s the perfect season to start skiing. So, let’s talk Lapland. Of course it’s infamous for the spectacular slopes suitable for both beginners as well as experts, its cosy chalets, and who knew but it’s actually pretty popular for great nightlife too! If you’re planning a brrrrr-illiant Lapland trip away with friends this winter then you’ll be needing a list of all the best places to drink beer, listen to music, watch captivating entertainment, and make memories. 


The capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi already has a vibrant scene of locals and tourists socialising and eating at the many restaurants. However, the generous host of pubs and nightclubs are where everyone flocks once mealtimes are over. 

Experience the happy and welcoming atmosphere at Uitto Pub, as well as a tasty snack and a bubbling pint. The Nordic-style interior is what the pub is given its legendary status for, as it’s generally quite unique in its area. There’s also plenty of live bands, DJs, and themed nights, as well as a dartboard, board games, and plenty of TV screens showing live sports. 

Lappia Hall is actually a restaurant come professional theatre, designed by the famous Finnish architecture Alvar Aalto and runs mesmerising performances all throughout the year, with the exception of July and August. 

For a proper flavour of the nightlife Doris Disco is where the crowds congregate for an evening on the dancefloor. Mix with friends in the booths, slip on your best party attire, and see in the early hours. Expect guest features, including Scandinavian bands, rappers, and DJs. 


Generally it’s all about eating out in Salla because people here really take a lot of pride in their food. The fresh local ingredients will tempt you to discover ‘kota’ mountain huts and many hotel-based restaurants. However, there are still a couple of places to enjoy a taste of the nightlife. 

The Snow Lounge comes alive every single year from scratch to offer the very best flavoured vodkas. Be sure to wrap up warm if you’re entering the ice bar and don’t miss out on the incredible ice sculptures!

Simply enjoy a game of pool and an ice-cold beer or two in a chilled-out sports bar, such as Pub Papana Pupi. Littered with jerseys and ice-hockey sticks, it has a truly quirky vibe. When the weekend makes its approach listen to authentic Finnish rock bands playing their best tunes.


If you’re looking for less of a nightclub scene then Saariselka is your answer. For more traditional after-ski entertainment you can enjoy Finnish tango and there’s also a local microbrewery with a helping of distilled spirits to sample. Perhaps try out the Jellona Terwasnapsi, a home-brewed tar-flavoured schnapps.

The Wild West saloon-style bar Wanha Waskoolimies is home to live music, darts, billiards, and plenty of delicious Finnish craft beers to tempt your taste buds. If you’d like the opportunity to try some very different dishes, check out the menu for lake fish, wild boar, reindeers, and locally foraged berries and mushrooms.

How are you spending the ski season? Having a boogie or enjoying an evening tipple with friends?