Intrepid Travel: Experience Something New

Date Posted: 27/01/2020

Do you have a taste for adventure and new experiences? Maybe you’d like to put a twist on travel with jam-packed itineraries and the opportunity to make new friends as you go? With Intrepid you can enjoy authentic local experiences that you simply won’t be able to find in the guidebooks. 

For Intrepid it really all began in 1988, when two friends from Melbourne turned their heads toward the thing they loved the most - travel. The two of them decided to set off for the wilds of Africa and cram a truck with friends, supplies, and a handful of sunglasses. During their adventure they had the thought that this type of travel could be something others would be really interested in too.

The rest is history, as Intrepid now offers 1,000 holidays to over 120 countries and lead over 300,000 travellers on trips worldwide each year. They also boast a broad range of trip themes such as cycling, wildlife, and family to suit various interests, as well as three distinct trip types catering to all tastes and budgets.

So, whatever adventure travel means to you, whether it be doing something new, seeing the life of a local, getting off the beaten track, or trying out high adrenaline activities – there’s most certainly something for every type of globe-trotter. 

Combine perfectly balanced itineraries with plenty of inclusions, free time, and an average group size of around ten like-minded travellers and you have yourself an Intrepid adventure. As well as this, every holiday is recognised as a responsible and respectful approach to exploring with a local leader who is packed with unrivalled knowledge on your chosen destination.

Statistics show that our sense of adventure doesn’t diminish with age. At one point it was considered that when retirement age hit it was all about golfing and beach holidays, however, last year 42% of Intrepid’s travellers to India were over 55-years-old. We’re glad to see the lust for experiencing the new doesn’t go away with age! 

The most popular hotspot destinations for British travellers were revealed as Vietnam, India, Morocco, Peru, and Jordan, with Japan, Costa Rica, Cuba, Australia, and South Africa following closely behind. 

So why not book an adventure specific to your passion or interests? Whether it’s a love for food and cooking, spending time with your family, or enjoying the best cycle routes, there really is somewhere everyone can fall in love with.

Venture to Sri Lanka and tuck into mouth-watering fish curries, stringhoppers (really good pancakes), and crunchy pennywort salads.

Ditch the package holiday for an outdoorsy experience with your loved ones. Lure the teenagers away from their mobile phones to play a zampona in Peru, visit a village in Tanzania, or enjoy water-marbling craft classes in Turkey. 

Take your adventure on two wheels in Vietnam; discover the floating markets and quaint little streets of Mekong Delta, glide through the historic Hoi An, or take in jaw-dropping views and memorable forest trails in Dalat. 

Go on… start planning your Intrepid adventure and make your 2020 one unforgettable.