How To Survive A Long Haul Flight

Date Posted: 18/11/2019

Travel time can be both exciting and gruelling all at the same time... There’s the built-up anticipation of eventually reaching your destination but at the same time you begin to feel uncomfortable, claustrophobic, and struggle to actually get any sleep whatsoever when you’re travelling somewhere far away.

But fear not! We’ve come up with a few handy tips to help you through your journey…

Wear your most comfortable outfit

Forget jeans, forget tight-fitting skirts, and forget neat trousers. If you’re not in comfortable clothing then you’re going to feel constricted from the beginning. What might be your favourite outfit now could be something you’ll never be able to look at again after 15 hours of wear! Opt for something loose like a T-shirt and pair of jogging bottoms or flowy trousers. For the ladies, even dresses can be comfy if they’re easy to move around in. Serious conditions such as deep vein thrombosis can breed when you sit in cramped positions for long periods - so make sure you’re feeling relaxed. It’s also advisable to take an extra layer to fight off those cabin chills. 

Stay hydrated

The level of humidity found inside cabins is actually comparable to what you’d find in a desert climate because planes are constantly replenishing air inside the cabin with outside air. Therefore, it’s essential you drink plenty of water throughout your flight. Drink as much as you possibly can – without bothering your seatmate too much for toilet breaks!

Get up and move around 

Every few hours it’s recommended that you get on the move to ensure your blood keeps flowing healthily. Low blood oxygen levels can cause headaches, fatigue, swollen limbs, and dehydration so it’s vital that you stretch.

You don’t have to get in anyone’s way to ensure you’re moving around enough; even if you can’t get up as regularly as you’d like simply rotate your ankles and roll your shoulders to keep everything working as it should. 

Pack a good-quality travel pillow, earplugs, and sleeping mask

These three things will be your savoir when it comes to rest on board your flight – so don’t forget any of them! Invest in a mouldable pair of ear plugs that will actually stay in your ears during sleep, instead of falling out like others do.

You’ll barely notice you’re wearing a sleeping mask but you’ll certainly notice the difference when it comes to blocking out the light and unnecessary distractions. For ultimate comfort and luxury, treat yourself to a memory foam pillow to help keep your spine aligned to ensure you don’t wake up with any annoying cricks in your neck. 

Bring your own snacks AND earphones

It goes without saying that flights can get noisy from time to time. Whether it’s the guy next to you finding something a bit too funny or the sound of the roaring plane engines… You’re going to want your own noise-cancelling earphones for on board entertainment purposes. Bringing your own also means guaranteed fit and comfort, rather than having to purchase a “one size fits all” pair from the flight attendants. 

The opportunity for food is pretty regular on long haul flights, however to fill the spaces in between when you fancy something light to nibble on before mealtimes, we advise that you take your own snacks. Make sure you pick up a bottle of water before you board your flight too!