Destination of the Month: Bali

Date Posted: 18/02/2020

One of the best tropical paradises in Indonesia; Bali is home to many colourful festivities, dreamy beaches, natural sites, and a wealth of unique experiences. Every traveller can afford to enjoy the wonders of this island; the value-for-money-ratio is something Bali has always been so well-known for. When it comes to staying here; choose from cosy Balinese family-run hideaways to five-star luxurious accommodation and everything in between. Providing a truly unique and authentic experience for each visitor; it’s not hard to see why Bali is a must-visit destination.


Bali is a fantastic year-round destination for its weather. Although, the best time to plan your holiday is between April to October when there is little rain, low humidity, and plenty of sunshine. There is a wet season, however it’s still perfectly fine to visit. 

Unique experiences

Swing right over the treetops at Lake Buyan to admire mesmerising mountain views and island-hop Nusa Islands; known as the Maldives of Bali. Wake up to the zebras each morning at Mari Safari Lodge or let the adorable monkeys climb all over you at Ubud Monkey Forest.

Culinary delights

Tuck into tasty Satay; grilled slices of chicken, goat, or beef skewered and marinated with coconut milk and spices. The savoury porridge Bubur Mengguh is a favourite served at traditional festivals and finish mealtimes with sweet sticky rice balls known as Klepon.

Natural wonders

Hike the active volcano Mount Batur or the visit the hidden paradise that many of the locals can’t find – Peguyangan Waterfall. Perch yourself on the rugged, rocky cliffs of Melasti Beach to admire the picturesque sunset and uncover the Secret Gardens of Sambangan.