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Part 1: Which cruise type is right for you?

Date Posted: 21/10/2019

There's a whole world of cruising out there waiting to be discovered and so many different cruise types to fit everybody's personality, as well as their needs, budget, and preferences. Covering ten fabulous types of cruising, including adventure, luxury, fly, all inclusive, solo, expedition cruises, and so many more, we're bound to leave you'll be spoilt for choice. But let us help you narrow your decision down with the help of our informative cruise guide! 

We're sharing five cruise types with you now and another five later in the week - so keep your eyes peeled if you'd like to find out more!

Adventure Cruises

The destination – the star!

With adventure cruises you will find that the ships are usually much smaller than you would expect, so that they can take you into the heart of all the action. Release your inner explorer and get up close and personal to wildlife, visit rarely-seen sights and out-of-the way places, all whilst enjoying unfolding and ever-changing land and seascapes. 

Absorb your chosen destination’s culture, native communities, and way of life; as well as encountering amazing marine life, including whales, seals, and dolphins; natural sights such as icebergs and waterfalls; and natural phenomenon like the Aurora Borealis.

Venture ashore to experience a world of adventures: go snorkelling in tropical fish-filled seas, whizz along zip lines in a tropical rainforest, go hiking up a glacier, take a ride by snowmobile or husky-pulled sledge across snowy trails, explore magical temples and ancient sites, or learn to cook food like a local.

Cruises for the Solo Traveller

Criteria: Single Traveller - whatever that may be!

Whether you’re single or simply just travelling alone, our experienced Hays Travel representatives are here to make sure that your solo adventure is as fabulous as you... From arranging to dine with other solo travellers, coffee mornings, and an exclusive on board drinks reception so that you can get to meet the other guests - we have you covered!

Cruising is one of the best ways to travel alone because you have the luxury of relaxing on board or explore the latest destination. After a day of pampering and sightseeing you can catch a show or enjoy a refreshing cocktail in the bar.

Being on board a solo cruise means that everyone is in the same boat as you (no pun intended!) So, whether you wish to socialise with your fellow solo guests or enjoy an evening alone, the choice is entirely yours. 

Stay and Cruise

Experience the best of both worlds with this fantastic cruising option! 

Stay and Cruise holidays are simply magical as you have the chance to combine two completely different styles of holiday into one. 

Whether you’re dipping your toe into the world of cruising, are a seasoned cruiser looking for a change, or perhaps you would simply like to sample two destinations for the price of one. Team up for an adventure of sightseeing in Rome or relax on the beaches of Majorca with a cruise around the Mediterranean. Explore the wonders of Venice before sailing around the mystical Greek Isles.

Or thrill seekers can enjoy a week of Orlando’s best theme parks before island-hopping the breathtaking Caribbean. If you're more the outdoorsy kind, experience unique wildlife and stunning scenery with an Alaska Cruise and Land Tour. 

Expedition Cruises

With an expedition cruise, there's so much opportunity to discover the most remote and fascinating destinations all across the globe. Expedition cruises follow a flexible itinerary, which is usually very much dependent on the weather and ice conditions. So, you could be doing anything at any time - perfect for those who love a bit of spontaneity.

Uncover the captivating beauty of destinations such as the Arctic, Antarctica, Alaska, Galapagos, the Amazon, and South America. With expert expedition teams on board your cruise, you can really learn all about the sights you will encounter on your voyage and experience adventures that will leave you with long-lasting memories.

From snow-covered mountains, ice-cold glaciers, hot springs and geysers, to lush rainforest and remote landscapes... It only leaves one question - which expedition cruise are you embarking?

Family Cruises

It's time to prepare for the family-friendly expedition of a lifetime!

Of course, it goes without saying that we probably all have our favourite family holiday destination. However family cruising brings a whole new kind of magic to a getaway with your nearest and dearest.

Family-friendly facilities on modern cruise ships surpass anything you could find on dry land. Experience an on board lifestyle of 24-hour dining, all day entertainment, large swimming pools, and exhilarating water parks. With so much going on, it wouldn't come as a surprise if you actually forget you were on a cruise ship... More like paradise!

Expect supervised children’s clubs for all ages, soft play areas, paddling pools, craft workshops, sports coaching, talent shows, rock-climbing walls, ice skating rinks, and games arcades. Often famous character shows and meet-and-greets are available on board.

When it comes to dining, have the option with early and late seating times and a choice of healthy meals, indulgent treats, and a special children’s menu.

Family cruises are available worldwide but Mediterranean cruises are a particularly popular choice because of the short flight times from the UK, which saves the hassle of flying with young children. Plus, you're able to sail directly from a UK port if you wish.

Look out for part 2 coming later this week...