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Top Pick Cafe in... Italy!

Date Posted: 25/09/2018

Italy and coffee go hand-in-hand. It was introduced in the 1500s and has gone on to develop its very own culture. Coffee is a staple of every Italian’s day. Whether it’s a cappuccino with breakfast, a caffé macchiato in the afternoon or an espresso after dinner, there’s a coffee for every occasion.  But where we’re heading is Naples, the birthplace of the espresso.  Italians do tend to like their coffee strong and sweet and a cup rarely costs more than €1.50. The Gran Caffe Gambrinus is where we would suggest heading for an authentic coffee in Naples.

Here, espresso coffee is brewed according to the old Neapolitan recipe: dark, dense and hot. Sit down on a table overlooking the Piazza del Plebiscito and enjoy tasty variations to the traditional espresso with cream, chocolate and hazelnuts blended to give guests an unforgettable taste experience.  The café also offers an array of Neapolitan pastries and chocolate creations that are entirely homemade, a perfect pairing to a delicious coffee.