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Top Pick Cafe in... Dubai

Date Posted: 26/09/2018

The Brass in Dubai is by far one of the best coffee shops in Dubai. They have a real understanding of the heritage of their ingredients and recipes. Each of their coffee beans are of the highest grade and are 100% Arabica, every one of them slow roasted.

There are five blends, which all range in intensity. The Brass Blend is smooth, zesty and spiced, and is their signature blend. The Deira Blend is aromatic, spiced and blueberry tasting, having been taken from the origins of Ethiopia all the way to Arab traders who took it to the Arabian Peninsula then out around the world. The Beach Blend is balanced, fragrant and tastes of hazelnut. It’s very smooth and makes for a perfect all-day brew. City Blend is rich, earthy and smoky while their Creek Blend is richly spiced and fruity.

Food and drinks can be quite pricey and you can pay up to 23 AED (£4.76) for a latte, however, don’t take this away from the taste! Pair this with some amazing food as there are a huge range of cakes, as well as sandwiches and salads. You won’t go hungry that’s for sure.