Benidorm: The land of sun and fun

Date Posted: 22/03/2017

Nothing screams holiday more than Benidorm - an iconic, fun –filled, all-year-round destination. Some call it ‘the daddy of all package holiday resorts’ - one of the biggest, most successful most popular among British holidaymakers.

If there are still any concerns about it being a resort for lager–louts, don’t worry! The local authorities have worked very hard to transform it into something much more attractive and they have certainly succeeded.  These days, you will find a mix of young visitors looking to have a good time and families looking for an affordable holiday with sunshine guaranteed, and surprisingly, Benidorm works for both.

The phrase ‘great value’ is where the success of this resort lies. It has so much to offer; from hotels catering for children with family rooms and kid-centred facilities, with theme parks nearby, to a magnificent night scene, where bars are open all night and drinks are incredibly cheap.

Even though those two types of holidaymaker can occasionally meet, it is very rare that they will be staying in the same part of the resort, as there are plenty of places where you and yours can sleep peacefully and just as many where you can party, which is how Benidorm keeps everyone happy.

Just a little tip from us; Levante is close to the action and Poniente is generally quieter, but by no means does that make it boring. So, make sure you pick the one that suits you best to make the most of your stay.

With three Blue Flag beaches this resort has some of the finest coastlines in the Costa Blanca. The two most famous are the glorious Poniente and Levante - stunning long stretches of soft, golden sand backed by beautiful promenades as well as a small marina. Levante is the busiest, while Poniente offers a more relaxing sunbathing experience with a few volleyball courts for the more active.

It’s really not a surprise that we can’t get enough of this former fishing village, and to top it off the flight time is under three hours - ideal destination for a short break in the sun. Out of season, Benidorm attracts mostly couples and more mature visitors, including thousands of pensioners from all over Europe - looking for.

So, what else is in it for you except for the heavenly beaches and the load of sunshine? Traditional Spanish food is one thing to look forward to. Even though most of us would expect to see menus filled with British dishes, which is common, it is not necessarily the case. Benidorm offers a mix of good old English dinners covered in gravy (just in case you get homesick) and traditional Spanish kitchens which serve the finest paella and seafood.

There’s more to this resort than bright lights and fry-ups. It is applying for UNESCO World Heritage Site recognition as Benidorm now boasts over 300 skyscrapers – the New York of the Mediterranean.

If you’re more of an explorer, why not stroll along the streets of Benidorm’s old town after dinner as you allow the kids to let off some steam? Yes, there’s an old town – a complete contrast to everything we already know about Benidorm, it has plenty of cultural spots, so grab a guide and make sure you visit some!

The church of Saint James is one of the resort’s hidden gems, as well as the castle viewpoint. Bring your camera and capture the breath-taking view of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea.

So grab your flip flops and get a taste of the land of sun and fun – there’s something for everyone!