A day in the life of…. Michelle Rodde

Michelle Rodde

How long in the job: 2 years

How long in travel: 20 years

Previous jobs: Going Places, Global Holidays, and before Hays I ran a shop on eBay

Hobbies: I play the piano, I like to read and I love any kind of watersports

Best thing about your job: Having so much extra time on my hands because I don’t have to commute anywhere!

Worst thing about your job: Having to listen to hold music for a long time!

6:00am: Libby, my 13 year-old, and I grab ourselves a bowl of cereal each and feed the three cats and the goldfish

06:15am: Make myself a big mug of tea to consume in my office while I acknowledge and reply to all the comments and private messages I’ve received via Facebook overnight.

07:00am: Empty the dishwasher, stick the washing machine on and get showered and dressed.

07:30am: Drag Liam, my 11 year-old, out of bed for his pancakes and chocolate spread and get on with the packed lunches.

07:45am: Say goodbye to Libby, who first wants me to feel how ridiculously heavy today’s school bag is!

08:30am: Leave for the school run. I walk. Liam scooters on ahead.

09:00am: My phone rings as soon as I get home. A customer wants to put a deposit down on one of the new deals I posted on Facebook last night.

09:30am: Log onto Tesco Groceries to order a few bits that will last us over the next few days.

10:00am: Make myself a cuppa and start working through all the Facebook enquiries. It’s July and fantastic to see so many messages with phone numbers attached requesting to be called back. It’s going to be a busy day!

12:00pm: Grab a quick bite to eat and put the washing out to dry.

12:30pm: Back at my desk ready for the crazy busy lunchtime hour! One of my Facebook followers has just been into her local travel agents on her break and wants a price beating; I give her an extra £50 off and she books.

14:00pm: Almost time for the kids to arrive home so while it’s still quiet I chase yesterday’s customers who haven’t yet booked. One of them promises to call me later when they finish work.

15:15pm: I head out to meet Liam coming home from school; we usually meet half way.

15:30pm: Busiest time of the day! My phone rings nonstop with customers wanting more information on the deal I posted on Facebook last night; two book and lots of others sound very promising.

17:00pm: Dish Liam’s chips and chicken nuggets up just in time as apparently he is about to ‘die of starvation’!

17:30pm: Make a couple of call backs to customers who have requested to be called when they’ve finished work.

18:00pm: My husband, Jonny, arrives home from work so the three of us dig into tonight’s tea….paella! Jonny stacks the dishwasher while I call back the customer who rang in the middle of dinner wanting to book.

19:00pm: England are playing tonight so we all crash on the sofa for a nail biting couple of hours!

21:00pm: Acknowledge some more Facebook comments and messages before heading off to bed for a read of my book.

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