Shiromie Lawson - My Apprenticeship in the Commerical Department

Shiromie Lawson

Shiromie (second from left) at our Christmas party

I originally found out about the Hays Travel apprenticeship through a family friend. I never knew that Hays Travel offered apprenticeships, so I had a look online at the application and decided I really wanted to apply. Once I had been reading all about what the apprenticeship had to offer I started my application, which I spent a lot of time on as I really wanted my application to be noticed.

Throughout school I never knew about the Hays Travel apprenticeship programme so I found it really hard deciding what I would do next, I applied for a hairdressing course and although I didn’t enjoy it or have my heart set on it I still completed the 3 year course as I wanted to gain the qualification so I could use it in the meantime before I found what I really wanted to do. When reading all about the apprenticeship I thought it was only a retail apprenticeship which I still would have enjoyed, but felt the head office programme was more suited to me.

The thing I love about being an apprentice at Hays Travel is that you are treated no different to any other qualified worker. There is so much support from my team, whenever I am unsure on something I can always ask and speak to anyone on my team, which usually in school and college was something I would never do.

The highlight of my apprenticeship is learning so much, growing as a person and making friends with other departments, I have also made really close friends which I never expected to happen.

My apprenticeship at Hays Travel is helping me build towards my future career as the amount of support and encouragement I have it is helping me become a more confident person and pushing me each and every day.

My biggest fear when I first joined was answering the phones, when talking to the other apprentices this was also their fear which made us all understand we were all in the same situation. My department explained that the sooner I was on the phones the better and that the only way you learn is by pushing yourself so I started on the phones on my second week. I had support the full time and had a member of my team sit by me who helped me with everything until I was ready to answer them myself. Answering the phones now is so much easier than I expected and my department encouraging and supporting me so soon helped me massively. Even after so many months into my programme if I am ever stuck I just ask the team for any help.

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