Meet the Grads - Olivia Colquhoun

 Olivia Blog

It’s now been 6 weeks since I started the graduate scheme at Hays Travel and I feel I have already developed a great deal. After completing the first week of induction in training, my local branch, and then in my first department, I felt I have a good initial overview of the company. I have been assigned the digital marketing department for my first placement, which I was very excited about as this would have been my first choice. The first few weeks consisted of settling in with the team and shadowing each department within Digital Marketing (and there’s a lot!), to gain a full understanding of the department and how it fits within the business.

With this new found knowledge I was set to work on my first set of objectives, to create a PR strategy for topical marketing, and another to showcase the opportunities and successes of apprenticeships, that I would have to present to John and Irene Hays. At first the prospect of this presentation filled me with dread, however, once the presentation got started I felt instantly more relaxed and that my contribution was extremely valued. The opportunity to have an open discussion with John and Irene around my ideas was extremely helpful and set me on the right track to develop them. Over the next 6 weeks, I have an extensive development plan to implement the PR strategies that I have proposed, before presenting the results again. I am excited to see how these strategies will plan out and what I am able to achieve, as well as, how I can develop my presentation skills further so I feel comfortable presenting to larger groups of people.

One thing that has pleasantly surprised me at Hays is how supportive not only my own team are but also the departments I have contacted for information, everyone has been happy to help and fitted me into their busy schedules. I was also surprised and grateful that John and Irene were involved with the programme as such an early stage and really valued our input and ideas.

Myself and my fellow grads have been invited to two conferences in Turkey this autumn, being given the opportunity to not only travel overseas at such an early stage but also to listen to some of the most influential people in the industry and gain a more in depth view of Hays is something I am exceptionally grateful for.

I am extremely excited to see how the following few months in Digital Marketing turn out and I can’t wait to what the future holds for me at Hays.