My Homeworking Story: Melanie Robson

I started working in the travel industry after leaving college at 18 years old. I worked within travel agencies for 3 years before leaving to have my first child. After my son was born I took a break from selling holidays for 10 years where within this time I had couple of different jobs; in a call centre, working in the airport and being a cake maker. I had my second child in this time too.

Melanie Robson

I had missed working in travel and hoped for a few years to get back into it but wasn’t sure how as it had been so long since I left. I decided to do some research into getting back into travel when I came across the Return to Travel programme with Hays Travel - it was perfect! I sent my application and was contacted within a few days. I was so nervous about applying, it had been so long since I had been in travel, did I even remember anything?! The recruitment team were so lovely they explained everything about the course to me and really put my mind at ease.

My Return to Travel training was five days in total at Sunderland. There was four of us on the course. Our trainer Jeanette was amazing. She really made me feel at ease. All of the systems had changed since I was last in travel so I felt like a completely new starter. She went over all of these systems until we knew we were confident in how to use them. We had several people from different departments come to visit us to explain how their departments help us and how to contact them. At the end of the week, equipment had been delivered, passwords had been given and we left with a huge file of information. It was exciting!

I was so excited to get started, over that weekend I started working through the many enquiries my friends had given me in advance. When it came to actually making my first booking I was a bag of nerves. I felt sick. I phoned through to our support team after I had made the booking for some help and they were great. It’s nice to know that we have such a fantastic support team to help us with anything as it’s a daunting experience as a new starter. My first few bookings gave me completely mixed emotions, I was excited that my business had started but I felt anxious incase I had done something wrong. When speaking to other homeworkers I had contact with I learnt this is a completely normal feeling to have. It’s a scary experience being on your own at home but there is a lot of support just on the other end of the phone.

Melanie Robson

In these last four months since becoming a homeworker I feel very happy with the way that my business is growing. I have so much flexibility around my two children. I am able to do school runs, attend concerts etc. My business development leader calls me every few weeks for an update on my progress and to check if I need any help and supplies ordering etc. I am so pleased I decided to become a homeworker. I even take my laptop to my kids’ judo and dancing sessions to work through my enquiries while I wait for them, it is so great to have a business that I can completely work around my children.

I am excited to watch my business grow even further and would recommend this to anyone considering it.