Homeworking Educational - Danny Parker Osler

Danny Parker Olser

I was thrilled when I got invited on an educational experience to Canada, Nova Scotia. I had never been here before and now I have gained so much insight into this area. It has inspired me to want to travel throughout Canada - just to see a moose!

I started the first day off early with a delicious buffet breakfast; then straight off to tour around Halifax, where we took a surprise visit to a cemetery where those who perished on the Titanic are buried. Straight onto to Peggy Cove with its beautiful pristine coastline, a lovely little lighthouse, and very welcoming people. Our tour guide and local legend, Darren, provided us with insightful and knowledgeable facts that made the whole experience even more incredible!

I stayed in a number of hotels during my visit. The Western Nova Scotian was first, followed by the Inverary Resort on Baddeck Bay, and finishing off with the Rodd Charletown - where not only I have now stayed, but royalty has too! There were plenty of bars around, I was spoilt for choice. I went to an Irish bar where I was greeted by some lovely locals and had some delicious food. I then moved onto a Blues and Jazz bar that had great live entertainment.

The weather while I was there was always fresh in the morning with a stunning blue sky and it got a little cold at night.

I would definitely recommend Nova Scotia to anyone who is thinking about or wants to travel to this destination; the stunning coastline, tainted historical past, and beautiful mountain views made this trip truly spectacular.

I love working for Hays Travel; as it has not only provided me with this opportunity but has also provided me with the possibility to self-develop myself. Plus, I love being my own boss and providing my customers with the personalised service they well and truly deserve.

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