Elisha Blagdon - Fuelling my passion for travel

Elisha Blagdon

Hi I’m Elisha and I started my apprenticeship back in September 2019 at the Plymstock branch, here is my journey so far…

I heard about the Hays Travel Apprenticeship via Facebook advertising and applied via Indeed.

I decided to apply for this job role as I really wanted to try something different, I have always had a passion for travel and have been lucky enough to explore many destinations. I thought an apprenticeship would be the perfect way to get trained up in the travel industry and help me fulfil my passion in Travel as well as earning myself a qualification and learning on the job.

What I love the most about my apprenticeship is having the ability to help people bring their dream holidays to life! I also love speaking with new customers and existing customers, talking about their travel experiences and where they want to travel next. The training sessions are always fun and you learn so much through them and allow you to bring your knowledge back to your branch.

I have picked up customer service skills through various different experiences. I have learnt through the training sessions as well as watching my colleagues in branch, how they communicate with customers and how they use their selling skills within the branch.

This apprenticeship programme has certainly helped me to progress in my passion of the travel industry and gives me the chance to develop my career even further.

My team are absolutely amazing, as well as having a professional and friendly branch, you can certainly have fun and a laugh with them. They have also allowed me to gain confidence in my selling and customer service skills, as well as giving me support when I need the extra help with something. They also support me on my training and development, allowing me to crack on with training in the branch and will always ask if I need any further help.

So far I achieved hitting my monthly target as well as selling a £9000 cruise. I am certainly looking forward to my future here at Hays Travel!

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