Cealie Aitchson - Kickstarting my travel career whilst learning a thing or two

Cealie Blog

Hi, my name is Cealie and I am currently a second year apprentice in the Tiverton Branch. I started my apprenticeship after leaving high school in 2018.

I first found out about the apprenticeship programme with Hays after completing a week’s work experience whilst I was in school. I really loved the job role and the fact that all staff were motivated to complete daily tasks and achieve daily targets really inspired me. Even though I was only with them on work experience at the time, I really felt as though I had become part of a really special team.

I decided to go for an apprenticeship as I was looking to go to college and study travel and tourism, however after discussing apprenticeships with my (now) colleagues about Hays apprenticeships, I realised I would be learning the same things whilst getting paid to do so. For me personally I find that I have always learnt better when gaining first hand/on the job experience which is really what determined my decision to do an apprenticeship.

The thing I love about doing an apprenticeship is that I feel both independent, and also part of a team of really great people. I really enjoy learning about different destinations and the training sessions that we attend are always very engaging and I always take away new learning opportunities.

Highlights from my apprenticeship include doing both a P&O and Cunard ship visits in Southampton, putting together tailor-made itineraries, making high value bookings, and receiving positive feedback from customers.

Cealie Aitchson

The apprenticeship programme has really inspired me within this particular industry. As travel is something I have always been very passionate about, this job has really encouraged me to continue working hard within travel and to keep doing what I enjoy. I feel I now know what career path I would like to follow and I have a greater idea of the different job titles I would like to try!

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