Our people

At Hays Travel we recognise and value our people and are committed to development and progression through training and coaching.  We believe our apprentices today have the potential to be the business leaders of tomorrow.  We are extremely proud of our apprenticeship programme and the success it brings to individuals and our company.

At Hays Travel we are dedicated to ensuring our staff feel rewarded, engaged and motivated, maximising job satisfaction in a friendly, fun and supportive environment.

“joining Hays Travel has helped to bring out the best in me and my personality”

Mary - Washington Branch

Mary was a customer service manager at Thomas Cook for 23 years but felt she was ready for a change. She’d heard really good things about Hays and a couple of her friends had already moved over and loved it. Mary found the recruitment process excellent and any doubts she had had about making the move quickly evaporated. She says she immediately found the company very professional and welcoming and has found the support ‘immense’. She says that the company is much more relaxed than what she had experienced in the past and there is definitely a fun element to coming into work. She says her customers and colleagues are great, and that everyone helps each other out. Mary said: “There is such a nice atmosphere in the shop that it makes you want to get up and get to work. I told my hubby the other night how excited I was to get to work next day and he said to me, ‘are you mad?!’ I just wish I had made the change years ago.