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Indian Ocean

Holidays in Indian Ocean

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Couples will love the exclusivity the Indian Ocean offers and is a magnet for Honeymooners looking for that “getaway from it all” holiday.
Average Flight Time:
11 hours
Time Difference:
5 hours
Average Temp:

Holidays to the Indian Ocean offer customers a perfect oasis of relaxation and luxury. Whether you choose Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius or even Sri Lanka you will be presented with natural beauty, amazing marine life and some wonderful seascapes.

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The Indian Ocean islands bask in a tropical climate that means beach resorts are warm all year round. Rainy season tends to be from June to September, but that doesn't stop holidaymakers flocking to the islands all year round. The Indian Ocean covers a vast area and weather can vary from island to island, so check the climate of the island you plan to visit.
Things to see & do

Couples will love the exclusivity the Indian Ocean offers and is a magnet for Honeymooners looking for that getaway from it all holiday .

The Maldives are a myriad of little islands, about 200 of which are inhabited, and these are engulfed into twentysix natural atolls. The islands are blessed with relatively deserted beaches of the softest powderwhite sand, with a backdrop of gently swaying palms. Hays Travel offer both charter & scheduled flights taking approximately 11 hours from the U.K.

Imagine paradise and youll imagine the Seychelles . This archipelago of 115 islands is located 1600km off the East Coast of Africa. Deserted, pristine dazzlingwhite beaches, turquoise lagoons, gentle lapping waves, swaying emerald green coconut palms and warm tropical breezes are just a few of the attractions available. Flying time from UK to Seychelles is approximately 10 hours.

Mauritius , the jewel of the Indian Ocean is truly paradise on earth. Its a relatively small island bathing in the warm Capricorn Sea, in the coral reef belt of the Indian Ocean. Mauritius offers golden, powdersoft beaches embraced by coral reefs and fringed with exotic coconut palms bordering translucent sea lagoons. Flying time to Mauritius is approximately 12 hours from U.K

Sri Lanka floats just off the southern coast of India , this country of diverse beauty has long been known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka offers a feast of attractions for the visitor including a myriad of cultural sights, an abundance of wildlife, cascading waterfalls and tropical rainforests. Other vital ingredients are palmfringed golden beaches, a tropical climate and the natural charm & hospitality of the locals. Flying time to Sri Lanka is around 11.5 hours.

Food & drink

The cuisine in the Indian Ocean islands is a vast melting pot of influences from Asia, Africa and beyond. In Sri Lanka, enjoy famously good curries and plantation-fresh tea. In the Maldives, the fresh seafood is legendary. In the Seychelles and Mauritius, spicy street foods, French-influenced cuisine and tropical fruits feature heavily on many menus. Most luxury hotels in the Indian Ocean offer a wide range of international cuisine, including Italian, Japanese, Indian and more.

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