The CAA appointed Hays Travel Ltd ATOL 5534 to act as its fulfilment partner in respect of bookings made under the Freedom Travel Group Ltd ATOL 6042 up to 22 September 2019.

A list of ATOL bookings was received from Vertical Systems on Wednesday 25th September 2019, We are in the process of loading the bookings to our system and re-issuing new Multi Contract Package (MCP) ATOL certificates. The data received isn’t comprehensive due to the limited information inputted into the TARSC system, therefore the loading process is significantly longer than anticipated. We are working in date order and will keep you updated on our progress below:

Q1. What happens to my Holiday Extras bookings which are part of a FTG ATOL booking?

A. Holiday Extras are rebooking all Car Parking, Lounge & Hotels which were part of the ATOL booking, new vouchers will be emailed to the Freedom member.

Q2. What email address should clients use to contact Hays Travel ?

A. Hays Travel are allowing Freedom members to remain as the point of contact for their own customers.

A. Please send everything to: We are getting a number of emails regarding bookings for next year and we are prioritising in date order. Unfortunately we are unable, at this time, to look at bookings for next year as customers travelling in 2019 are our priority.

A. You can make contact with the supplier who will provide you the relevant documents for the customer to travel.

A. We cannot provide a timescale, this is due to the limited information which was available in TARSC, please refer to the daily update for current progress.

A. Email the name of the person in resort and a few details to and this will be dealt with as a priority.

A. Hays Travel are re booking the hotels and will be sending new hotel vouchers to the Freedom members to pass onto their customers.

A. Email the reference and customer details to We will make a note of the failed element and not re-book an alternative. We just need proof of payment and we will issue a refund so we don’t get any duplicate bookings.

A. According to the CAA, yes. We just need proof of payment. This won’t be a timely process as we need to get approval from the CAA. Luckily they are wanting to be a bit more relaxed on the matter.

A. Please email us at with the task branch number and the email address that you want the documentation to be sent to. Once this information has been provided and the booking has been loaded, we will email the ATOL certificate directly to the travel agent. The ATOL certificate it will be accompanied with a summary of all financial details. We will then issue a balance reminder which will have the details about how you actually make payment for these bookings.

A. You will be able to do this on via ‘View my Booking.’ Once you’ve received the summary and the ATOL certificate you will see a reference number with the prefix ‘HAY’ and then a hyphen with numbers (for example HAY-1234). Enter this into the ‘View My Booking’ section along with the departure date and the “Date of Birth” which for all bookings will be 1/01/19 as we don’t have this information for all bookings. You will then be able to build your receipt. If you can’t build your receipt there will be a telephone number that you can call. Obviously we are unable to accept cash payments but we will be in contact with Freedom Travel Group. We have set up a dedicated bank account where customers can pay via bank transfer.

A. The Freedom ATOL has ceased and the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) have taken the appropriate actions. The freedom PTA’s were seen as retail rather than a tour operator. Therefore, from the CAA’s point of view it is not being classed as a failure.

A. By authorisation of the CAA we will try our best to re-book flights and accommodation where necessary. We have experienced teams who will be doing this. Where an element of the booking has failed for whatever reason - our teams will try to reconstitute the booking and save the client’s holiday providing it is cost and time efficient.

A. Any payments that customers have made to freedom members such as, anything classed as an offline payment (bank transfer, cash or cheque), will be refunded by Hays Travel. This is due to the agreement given to the travel company by the CAA. For customers who have paid by card, they will need to contact their card issuer. Payments made by card will NOT be refunded by Hays Travel.

A. We have been appointed by the CAA to administer the bookings of a failed operator (freedom travel group) so unfortunately any additional suppliers are outside of our remit.