Challengers Youth Scheme Update
Challengers Youth Scheme Update

In February 2017, Challengers received funding from the Hays Travel Foundation towards their Eastleigh Youthscheme. This is a popular project supporting disabled young people who are aged 13 to 18; it allows them to access leisure and recreational activities that they are frequently excluded from.

This scheme received a score of 10 out of 10 from their parental survey when asked how happy their child was at Challengers Eastleigh youth scheme!

So far in 2017, they have delivered 840 hours of fun at Eastleigh Youthscheme. During this time, they supported 16 disabled young people by ensuring they have regular access to leisure activities. Of the young people that benefitted, 14 required one-to-one or two-to-one support from the youth workers because of the complexities of their impairments. For many of the young people that attend, Challengers is the only place they can go where they are fully included, welcomed, and valued as individuals.

The young people have recently taken part in a range of fun and exciting activities including: a reptile experience, companion cycling, and trips to Blue Reef Aquarium and Marwell Zoo.