Success4all in Newcastle receives money for their Summer School program
Success4all in Newcastle receives money for their Summer School program

In May, the Hays Travel Foundation granted Success4all in Newcastle £5,074 to help fund their Summer School program. Last week we were invited to attend a fun filled day of activities ranging from language classes to computer coding.

The day starts with a nutritional breakfast then the morning activities would set a big question or a big challenge to be solved in groups around STEM or languages. The approach to these activities is a very practical one and always captures the attention of the children.

For example, they organised a treasure hunt with a twist. The clues were in French and the children had to use dictionaries to figure them out. In another instance they had the opportunity to Skype people from different countries and have conversations with them.

On the day we witnessed several interesting classes which were explained by the kids themselves. First, we had Monica who shared with us her thoughts on how they were learning Spanish by telling jokes in that language. Then Teresa explained how they learnt about female scientist Maryam Mirzakhani and how they created Möbius strips.

We also saw children learning Morse code, computer coding, build a miniature golf course from recycled materials, cooking, play sports, dance and go on a field trip. It was a great pleasure to visit Success4all and we wish them all the best in their work to support young people and their families in order to help build a successful future for all.