Teresa Elmassry - Day in the life of the Travel Academy

06:30 Alarm goes off and time for coffee and catch up of news on my ipad, Facebook and Instagram

07:00 Shower, make beds and prep tea. I write a list of instructions for my 14 year-old daughter, Yasmine, and my 12 year-old daughter, Elissa. No need to worry about any obstacles for them as we have 24hour water and electricity here unlike our last home in west Africa. Teeth and makeup.

08:15 Time to walk to the office. I’m so lucky as it is literally only a three minute walk away, however, I like to do a few steps before getting into work.

08:30 Time for a cuppa whilst checking The Hub, Facebook and emails so I’m ready and well prepared for my day!

09:00 Door is opened and we’re ready to greet our customers. I start to go through the call backs and action a Facebook enquiry. I recognise the lady who is one of our dear, valued customers so I give her a call to find out more about what she is after and arrange a time to discuss what I’ve found. I email her the details of a New York trip prior to our appointment so she has time to look through before she pops in to the branch at 10:30 for a chat.

10:30 Janet comes in to talk about her birthday trip to New York. She’s after four tickets as another couple will be joining her and her husband. Sadly, the dates she wants are more expensive but she makes a call to her friend to confirm if it is alright with them. We get the green light so I go to book but the price has gone up again! Her friend now thinks this is too much; I don’t want to lose the sale so I offer a small discount as Janet is a loyal customer. It’s only £15 each but enough to secure the sale. Janet pays the deposit. Yipee, another HTOL booking, and a Facebook one!

11:30 Customers come in looking for brochures for Canada next year. I give them a good selection and ask them if they would to take a seat to discuss but they decline so I give them my card and tell them to give me a call when they are ready to book or if they have any questions. I also mention that we can tailor make it for them.

12:30 Start looking at Florida for February 2019 for one of my customers who is going to Mexico in November. I give Will a call explaining that the availability is limited and we talk about park prices. Will wants me to look at February 2020 as well but I explain that these probably won’t go on sale until next year. We decide to put this one on hold for now as he didn’t realise how expensive the parks would be.

13:00 Lunch time. I unwind by taking a few steps and enjoying my homemade sandwich. I love walking by the beach watching the fishing boats, up to Happy Valley and back. Hopefully I’ll have done about 8000 steps by now with the aim being 10,000 by the end of the day.

14:00 Back to my desk. My colleague, Suzie, has just booked a family to America and Cassie is busy serving in the forex office.

14.30 Customers come in looking to go away in a couple of weeks’ time as they’re tired of the dreary weather here! They want to fly from Norwich with private transfers and a four or five star half board hotel. I suggest Elunda in Crete as a spent three summers working for First Choice Holidays there and I know the resort will be perfect for them. I’ve already clocked the bling on the lady’s hand, lol! They love the look and sound of the Elunda Bay Palace and I know this hotel will be a winner for them. I make a call to Classic Collection and the customers pay in full. Yipee, a second sale for me!

15:30 I look at The Hub, Facebook and emails. I get a phone call from one of my customers wanting to know if he can get married on the Queen Mary! I make a couple of calls and Cunard email me their wedding package. I call the customer back and email him the details. The wedding packages start at $3400 and sadly it’s non commissionable but nevermind, I sold them five nights in New York with a transatlantic crossing with HTOL which made us a good commission. The customer was very happy with my speedy reply and I know they’ll be a customer for life.

16:30 I make coffees for customers booking a holiday to Guernsey with the lovely Suzie.

16:45 I continue looking at a twin centre holiday to Greece from yesterday for a customer wanting to book a retirement present for his wife. Yesterday I emailed him with two quotes, one for Halkidiki and Crete and the other for Kos and Rhodes, both flying from Norwich. I give the customer a call and he loves the Kos and Rhodes option, however, he wants to change the hotels so we agree that I will look into alternatives and email him either this evening or tomorrow morning. I then call Classic Collection and they check the availability and send me the new costing. I email it to the customer and plan to call him back tomorrow morning for his decision.

17:30 Time to go home!

Teresa Elmassry