Olivia Evans - Apprenticeship Journey

Olivia Evans

I started working for Hays Travel as a 1st year apprentice in August 2017 after studying Travel & Tourism at college. Ever since starting my job, my confidence has boosted massively! I love dealing with the general public on a day to day basis. You make a friend in some customers which I absolutely love!

My team are absolutely amazing! Each of my colleagues are always willing to help me with any questions or queries they have. They are always there to give me feedback on where I can improve but also, they praise me when I do well which I love & appreciate so much!

I attend regular training sessions throughout the year which help me keep up to date with any NVQ work i am required to complete. The training sessions also help me to learn lots of info which I can bring back into branch to use with my colleagues & customers.

I am now well into the second year of my apprenticeship & I continue to develop & learn more every day! There’s some things I do in my job which I never imagined being able to get the hang of which shows that if you give it time, effort & hard work, you will get there!

Not only is the company a great one to work for but they also hold some FANTASTIC events. The annual Christmas Party & Garden Party are such a laugh bringing us all together to celebrate such a fab company.

Overall, I would recommend the Hays Travel Apprenticeship Programme to anybody like me who wants to start off their career by jumping in at the deep end. Such a great company to work for! Would recommend to anybody.