Meet the Grads!

Our class of 2018 have recently started the Management Graduate Scheme here at Hays Travel and have shared their thoughts on how their time here so far has been going! Could you be joining us next year?

Thomas Marshall

I joined the Hays team a couple of weeks after the other graduates did due to a holiday, however I have settled in very quickly. In my first week I went through different training sessions, met members of the team that I would be working with in my first placement, started a couple of tasks within the department and then finally ended the week with a day in a branch.

In training I got an understanding for the company, I was shown how to use internal systems as well as the systems that are used in branch. After all the training days I was introduced to the HR team who I am spending my first 3 months with and they happily set me a task to do to get a feel for the work that’s done within the department. My branch visit at the end of the week included shadowing members of staff to see what happens day-to-day on the shop floor. This was very insightful to learn how they run their branch and also it was so pleasing to see that, even away from head office, everyone is so friendly and adopting the family feel that is apparent in every part of the company.


Emily Wilson

My first month working for Hays Travel has been amazing! From seeing how the company operate over the wide variety of departments and even having a day observing the retail branch, I already have a great insight into the Hays Travel way.

I’ve been given various opportunities to progress from university with the different training available, it has helped develop my confidence within the department. I’ve got really stuck into projects within Recruitment for my first placement and I have felt nothing but support and encouragement from everyone I have met. I am so excited for the next few months working across the company and not to mention experiencing the Christmas party!


Joseph Bagshaw

During my first week at Hays I completed the company induction training which gave me a good overview of the company and in particular highlighted the culture present throughout head office and retail branches. The next day I was able to meet up with the training team which is where my first 3 month placement is held. The team were extremely friendly and allowed me to settle in very quickly and I was immediately given the opportunity to become involved in a large project that I would undertake for the duration of the placement.

The project I was given was to create and plan training days for individuals completing their management qualification and it meant that I was able to get stuck in straight away. At the end of my first week I spent a day observing the extremely fast paced Middlesbrough branch which was very enjoyable and gave me a great insight to what occurs in a store on a daily basis. Overall, the week was nicely broken up with training whilst I was given the responsibility to work on a project that I would be able to undertake in the upcoming weeks.


Lewis Keogh

My week started with the corporate induction on the Monday which got me to grips with the internal systems that Hays Travel incorporates. The training day was very informative and enjoyable. It was good to go for lunch with the other grads to discuss about how excited we are for the time ahead.

On the next day through until Thursday I got placed in the training department where I met the team and was given my first project to work on which was create training plans for the apprentice team leaders for next year. I felt I was included straightaway in the team and they were interested in my experience and my personal interests. I quickly made good friends with another graduate, Joe which helped the transition as we were in same group at the assessment centre. On the Friday I had my branch visit in Wallsend where I was shown first-hand how Hays Travel operates and sells holidays to customers. This was a particular highlight, enjoying the varied types of customer requests.

Overall the first week was quite laid-back and it was a very easy transition into the team. Already I would love to work in the training department long term but have to see what the other departments offer!

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