Louise Copeland - My Journey to Assistant Manager

Lou Copeland

I joined Hays in the March of 2015 as a Foreign Exchange Consultant. In my interview I was asked where I see myself within five years of working for the company. And I said straight away, I want to work within travel and would love to be as assistant manager or manager! From the get go, my manager and Hays have been so supportive with my career choices and goals. I have plenty of training opportunities including one-to-one coaching, group trainings, ship visits, educationals & supplier events. My favourite things have definitely been the educational trips! I have been so lucky to have been sent on an MSC cruise around Italy, a mini cruise to France and the Dominican Republic for a week.

Hays Travel & my manager have invested so much of their time into my career and within months of starting for the company I had the opportunity to join the Rising Stars Programme. This programme is specifically designed to help develop your skills into becoming a successful assistant manager. I was ready to jump straight on that bus. The six month course again gave me so much opportunity for training and skill developing and within that time I developed the confidence to take the plunge and apply for an Assistant Manager role. By the October of 2017, I had my first Assistant Manager role in a small store. I now work with in a much larger store where the day-to-day challenges have me learning something new every day.

I should mention at this point that although there has been a lot of hard work throughout my career at Hays, I have also had a lot of fun & have lots of memories! If I was allowed, there’s a few stories to be told from team nights out & the works Christmas parties but I’ll keep those between me and my team mates for now! I have loved every step of my career so far with Hays and really love my job role. Not only have I found a great career which keeps pushing me and challenging me, I have also made some true friends for life.

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Lou Copeland