Leia Wilkinson: Kickstarting My Dream Job

Leia Wilkinson

Leia began her Hays Travel Apprenticeship in August 2019 in the Social Media department. Read about what she is getting up to so far…

I originally put myself forward for a Retail Apprenticeship, after finding out about the programme through Facebook, and I was successful in getting an interview.

When discussing my interests and hobbies, the interviewer suggested if I would consider applying for Head Office as she felt there was a well-suited department for me to join. At first, I had no clue what she was talking about; I thought Head Office was just for higher managers and people dealing with data. However, after she explained to me what my options were I was then put forward for an interview. I thought that was such a nice thing of her to do as it really showed she was listening to me and my interests and took into consideration what would be best for me, not just what was available.

Prior to my apprenticeship I was working and I found it wasn’t for me. I had heard about apprenticeships before and found them interesting, so I decided to take the plunge. I love having the learning and development coaches on hand to give their advice and receive one-to-one support. I am thoroughly enjoying my training sessions as it gives me the opportunity to work with people from different departments, giving me the confidence to approach other teams rather than my own.

The highlight of my apprenticeship so far is learning and doing the job I have always wanted to do since school. I thought I would never be able to get the job I wanted but, Hays Travel has kick started my career and provided their continuous support and guidance.

I 100% see myself continuing my career with Hays Travel after my apprenticeship is completed. I have been working since school but I have never worked for a company like this as they look after their staff and customers. Everyone is so lovely, polite and welcoming that there really is not anything to be worried about. The training team is amazing and they take a conscious effort to build your skills and confidence. I am excited to see where my apprenticeship is going to take me in the future.

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