Jennie Ashcroft - My Apprenticeship Story

Jennie Ashcroft

Hi, I’m Jennie, an apprentice travel consultant working in the Sidmouth branch. I started my apprenticeship in August 2018.

I discovered the apprenticeship whilst I was completing my A-levels and looking into further education, I found it on the government apprenticeship website and decided to research into Hays Travel. I decided I wanted a change of direction after studying English Literature, Fine Art and Drama and applied online.

I’ve always loved the idea of learning about the planet and what’s out there to explore, and this gave me the opportunity to provide this service to our customers. As Hays Travel is independent, it would give me the freedom to choose the best holiday for my clients, and this is why I chose Hays rather than any other travel company.

I love lots of things about my apprenticeship, meeting new people every day, and taking on each challenge the day throws at me, and most of all booking incredible holidays. The highlight of my apprenticeship was booking two world cruises in my first year!

Jennie Ashcroft

The apprenticeship has helped me build my future career by providing me with confidence, life skills and experience to support me in my next endeavors.

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