Homeworking Story - Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Steve began his Hays Travel homeworking journey in August 2013, after working in an office environment for more than 15 years. He decided to take the plunge as he felt like he needed a new challenge and knew that Hays Travel was well-known for their homeworking packages. Six years on, Steve has not regretted a single moment and only wished he began his homeworking journey sooner…

I love every minute of running my own business because I have the freedom of working the hours that I choose. In addition to this, I have the flexibility to help my customers out of normal office hours and because of this, nearly half of my bookings are made in the evening when they’re in a relaxed, non-pressured environment.

Having the flexibility to help my customers is a strong motivator for me on a day-to-day basis. Booking holidays can be very stressful and possibly be a customer’s biggest outlay of money and therefore, I always strive towards providing my customers with the best possible experience.

My highlight of working as a homeworker at Hays Travel is the possibility of exploring the world on amazing educational trips. I have had the fortune of being given fantastic destinations to visit such has Dubai, Mexico and Japan. Also, every year I get to enjoy the annual overseas homeworking conference where I can meet up with the other incredible homeworkers and build relationships with suppliers.

I would say to anyone wanting to take the leap into homeworking is to believe in yourself and even though you will be working from home, Hays Travel will never make you feel as if you’re alone; there is great head office support and fellow homeworkers to chat to and ask questions. I am so glad I made the decision to move all those years ago!

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