Homeworking Story - Natalie Taylor

Natalie Taylor

Before I joined Hays Travel, I studied Travel and Tourism. I joined a travel agency as a Trainee Travel Consultant progressing all the way up to Assistant Manager. Having spent 16 years there; I left to have my little girl and decided I needed to have full flexibility of my working life.

Gemma, friend of mine, was a homeworker with Hays Travel and it’s her great experiences that led me to looking at the packages on offer. Homeworking competitors wanted a larger fee and there were more people popping up around the area; which meant I needed to be different. Hays Travel could offer me more, independence being a key thing – I could sell any holiday I liked from a range of different operators and suppliers.

It’s nice to have no pressure and someone asking me why I have or haven’t done something. I get to set my own goals and with those I try to do better and better every month for my own personal aspirations. Getting to spend more time with the kids is amazing and I don’t even have to worry about trying to find childcare if they are poorly. It makes such a difference having the comfort of being able to stay at home.

The support you receive is second to none, there’s always someone to talk to if you need a hand. The social media team are fantastic and are always available to give you feedback on your posts. On the other hand, there’s a chat group which is priceless, it allows for new homeworkers to mingle with the experienced and it really does help!

I’ve had some amazing memories since joining Hays Travel; one was winning the Outstanding Contribution Award at the Homeworking Conference in 2018. I was one of the top sellers at my old role, however I didn’t receive anything in terms of recognition. With Hays Travel I’ve been rewarded with ‘Million pound sales certificates’ and more educational trips in the three years I’ve been here than in 16 years with my old employer. I’ve spent time in Thailand, Barbados, Granada, and on the Queen Mary cruise ship; I’ve just got back from Mexico too!

One of the nicest things is that John Hays knows who you are and makes the effort to get to know you; you’re definitely not just a number! All I’d say to anyone thinking about homeworking is to take that leap of faith, believe in yourself and believe in Hays Travel, you’re not alone.

We have a number of homeworking packages available to suit every lifestyle click here to find out more!