Homeworking Story:Luan Thornhill

Luan Thornhill

My love for overseas started in my 20’s when I was hooked on a TV programmed based on reps living overseas.

I swiftly changed my career path, joining the travel industry and I loved it. The lifestyle, working with different nationalities, seeing fabulous places (not just the bar or the beach), the sunshine and learning to speak Spanish.

After returning home, with the desire to buy a house and need to earn more money, I continued travelling and lived in Ireland for some years.

More recently, I joined the Hays Team as I needed a better work / life balance to suit my young boys and I was single parent working hard to pay for childcare. This has now totally changed and my children do not see a child minder, nor do I commute to work taking 10 hours plus a week from being with them!

I spend my days starting very early and taking new enquiries from new and current customers, finding holidays to suit a variety of different people, building specific itineraries to see faraway places and getting things right for my clients. I administer holidays, check documents, chase monies, check you in, write out luggage labels, send pens to you and if you are in my close vicinity, I also deliver ‘welcome home packs’.

I also ensure I check in with each and every one of my customers on their return, sometimes while they are even overseas, I get emails, messages for help or simply just for thanks.

And when I check back with them for feedback, I generally begin the search again for ANOTHER holiday, trip or mini break.

I LOVE WHAT I DO, I would recommend homeworking to anyone!

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