My Homeworking Story - Kirsty Mitchell

Kirsty Mitchell

2018 was Kirsty Mitchell’s first full year as a homeworker, and what a year it was! Kirsty pulled in more than £62k in profit and won the Homeworker Sales award at the Christmas Party. Here, Kirsty tells us about her life in homeworking…

“I wake up at 7am every day and get my daughter, Layla, ready for school. When I get back from the school run I make a cuppa and get on my laptop. The morning is usually filled with sourcing and posting lots of deals onto my Facebook page to start generating interest. After lunch I start answering inbox messages on Facebook. At 3pm I leave to pick Layla up from school and then spend four hours with her; we’ll walk the dog, Joey, sometimes pop in to see my mum, go to the park to play football or basketball, read books and have tea. I get her to bed around 7pm before the busiest time of my day starts! Between 7 and 11 is when I do most of my bookings as people have seen my deals in the daytime and they are now sat down with their partners and ready to commit to the booking!

“Some days I might go to a customer’s house, like yesterday I spent two hours at a customer’s house booking a Vegas trip for her big 60th birthday coming up. We had a cuppa and a laugh talking about all things travel, and then I went to another customer’s house to drop off her tickets. She invited me in to talk about the charity event that I’m involved in alongside her, so we spoke about plans for that, then I had to shoot off as I had to be in Liverpool at 6pm for the Balkan trade training event, which was a fantastic night.

“I absolutely love this job! Working from home gives me the flexibility to work around my daughter, travel a lot, and earn as much as I put the effort in to earn. I was a High Flyer last year and also won the award at the Christmas Party, two achievements I am mega proud of, especially to say that it was my first full financial year in travel.

“Since becoming a homeworker the opportunities have been endless. I have been on fam trips to Ibiza and Mexico and won a Travel Bulletin competition to take my family back to the amazing hotel I was lucky enough to have visited on my fam trip. I’ve been given a trip to Ibiza’s Ushuaia VIP opening party from Palladium - a reward from them for great sales upon return from the fam trip. Plus, we have the most amazing overseas conferences…

“It really is a great job. It comes with its stresses but it’s very worth it when you see happy customers and the earning potential from this job.In my spare time I love to travel, I like to take my daughter to new places so she can experience different cultures. I also teach her Spanish and when we visit Spain I encourage her to use it. She’s almost six now and she’s my inspiration for all of this.

“I like how I can work this around my other business as well. I am a children's entertainer so very often have children’s parties at the weekends. When I worked in retail this really didn’t fit in well and caused problems so this was one of the main reasons I took the leap to becoming a Personal Travel Consultant. I love the flexibility of being able to work when it suits me. I feel so lucky to have found this!”

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