Keith Kellacher - My Homeworking Story

Keith Kellacher

Homeworking is something I have tried several times within different industries, and finally it is becoming the experience I hoped it would be.

With a young family and another business to run, my wife and I spoke about finding something that would fit into our already mental schedules and the Hays programme for all the good reasons does and beyond our hopes.

I have found the support teams amazing and built working relationships with them that stretch beyond colleagues, without any doubt I feel part of the Hays family and makes it an amazing experience.

The travel industry is an amazing place to work and homeworking has not excluded me from any of the opportunities that are available, I have been invited to lots of events which are an excellent chance to meet the suppliers and learn about their products, but also a great way to interact with like-minded people and share tips on surviving the very few lows, it also gets you out the house which when you have three boys aged 5-12 is lifesaving. Events have given me amazing experiences having won more than my fair share of trips including Mexico with TRS and Palladium (not to be missed) Madeira and Ras Al Khaimah, these are fantastic ways to learn about the destinations but a damn good reason to be involved in the industry.

My personal experience hasn’t been easy due to the added factor of dealing with an ongoing illness, this helps me to highlight how far my support team have all individually gone out their way to be there for me. I have needed support beyond any contractual requirements and outside of anyone's ability but every time they have stepped up and been there. I cannot be more thankful to each one of them for their professional support which can only have come from people who are genuinely and naturally supportive. I still have a long way to go and have millions to learn but enjoy the experience more and more thanks to the people I’m working with.

Learning more and more keeps bringing its rewards, the knowledge I gain filters to the offers I can produce and that filters to the sales I make and the profits I see. Selfishly, that's why I began the journey, but that's not the only benefit. The biggest benefit for me is the extended family, the new friends and not just colleagues. The doors that have opened for myself and my own family makes it an all-round amazing experience that grows day to day putting smiles on faces beyond expectation.

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