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Jill Orton

With my two daughters starting senior school, I decided that dreaming about doing something I really wanted to do was just not enough. Seeing the same things on my bucket list on the 1st January year in, year out with absolutely no progress in achieving them was not the person I want or need to be. 2018 was the year I was going to strike off no.1 on the bucket list… I was going to change my career, be my own boss and become a Travel Consultant.

I am fascinated by travelling and enjoy sourcing the best deal for my family and friends. I look forward to agreeing the holiday budget for the year with my husband! The web searching, visiting travel shops, reading newspapers and magazines for ideas and destinations and then working out the best way to obtain the best value and how best to stretch those budgets. I love it!

With the backing of my family along with our “savings for a rainy day” off I went! Now with all the training and systems in place I am up and running. There is a lot to remember but the training and support you get is invaluable. The searching and reading I just love! It’s easy enough finding the holiday YOU like, but now it’s about finding the holiday YOUR CLIENT will love, each time I send suggestions I worry it may not match their taste. I do spend a long time talking with the client and sharing ideas, but I have always looked at holidays as one of the top 3 purchases a family will make; a house, a car, then a holiday, so it’s important you really do find the holiday they want.

I often get asked how my new career is going. I want to liken it to becoming a parent for the first time. You know you are doing all the right things for your baby, but you still check, double check and check again, then worry you did not do it right. In those moments when you can grab some sleep, you lie awake running through everything again….I know I am doing it right!