Corinne Martin- Taking the leap to homeworking

Corrine Martin

Corinne took the leap into homeworking in 2016, joining the Travel Academy programme here at Hays Travel. She looked at a few different homeworking companies but knew Hays had a good reputation and was intrigued to find out what they offered for people new to travel. Fast forward to 2019 and Corinne is loving every minute of being a homeworker…

“Having the flexibility to choose the hours I want to work is incredible. I have a child at school but I can take him and collect him every day without relying on other people. Also, I have the added bonus of working wherever I want which is great. My laptop normally goes everywhere with me, even sometimes to the hairdressers!

“Motivation is key on a day-to-day basis, however, I love my job. I love booking my customers their perfect holidays so being able to do this and also being recognised as High Flyer of the Year was just fantastic. This recognition gives me the drive and motivation every day to push myself and reach my monthly sales figures.

“I have been so lucky since I started my homeworking travel journey that I have a lot of customers who book with me and continue to do so. I love finding that perfect holiday that suits my customer’s needs and when they come back after a great time and give me a great review, it gives me the ultimate job satisfaction.

“To date, I have had the opportunity to go to some fantastic countries on some great educational trips. In 2018, I was on the Royal Princess cruise ship for two nights; I had never stepped on a cruise ship prior so I was quite overwhelmed. In 2019 I visited Mexico, St Lucia and Antigua on some more educationals, and Portugal on the annual overseas homeworking conference. This is where you can meet up with fellow homeworkers and suppliers to build relationships.

“If you are passionate about travel, I would definitely say become a homeworker with Hays Travel; they have such a great support network and even though you’re at home, you don’t feel alone. There are homeworking chat groups you’re able to join where you can ask questions and there is always someone available to help you. I’m so pleased I took the leap and changed my career.”

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