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 Denise Armour

I have been with Hays travel for 8 months and have already been to Portugal for Conference, Dominican Republic with Palladium Hotels and now my fam trip to Sanya in China! I had been with my old employer for 19 years and was lucky if I had 3 trips. We stayed at 3 hotels; the Pullmans Oceanview, The Oriental Mandarin and the Hilton. They were all stunning hotels. The Oriental Mandarin was quieter and had a more relaxed feel. The beaches are stunning and I never even knew there were beaches as lovely as that in China!

We visited the tropical rainforest park which was amazing. It’s a popular spot for couples getting their wedding photos done! We also walked across the rope bridge - which I was a bit scared of as not a fan of heights but we did it. Next we went to the hot springs which was amazing; bathing in pools scented with red wine, coconut and tea (not at the same time!) It was an amazing chilled out afternoon after our morning excursion.

 Denise Armour

We also went to visit the Luhuitou park (deer looking back park). It gets its name from an ancient story about a boy called Ahei who was out hunting he spotted a beautiful spotted deer and chased the deer for 9days and nights the deer was eventually trapped at the top of the cliff and as Ahei went to shoot it, it turned into a beautiful girl. Ahei and the girl fell in love and got married! We then visited the end of the Earth Pat (Tian Ya Hai Jiao) which means end of the sky and corner of the sea. There are two rocks with Chinese writing on them which are regarded as the symbol of love.

The climate is tropical so in winter averages about 25 degrees centigrade and the hottest month is June Averaging 28 Degrees Centigrade. Sanya also is host to international conferences, meetings and competitions such as Miss World, Volvo Ocean Race, international bodybuilding competitions and lots more. There are also world class golf courses in Sanya.

I will definitely go back to Sanya as there is still so much to see. Finally my trip to Sanya courtesy of Thomas Cook was amazing an opportunity that I would never have got in my old job. Hays quite rightly deserve to be in the top 100 places to work. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. One of my worries of being a homeworker was that you were totally on your own but you’re not. Between other PTC and head office staff they have helped me so much. I wish I had heard about Hays homeworking earlier.

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