Seven Reasons Why I Love Homeworking - Claire Mitchell

Jenny Ferns

Hi, I’m Claire and I joined Hays Travel as a homeworker after taking some time out of travel. I had wanted to get back into travel for such a long time, however, I knew it would be difficult to find a suitable job with flexible hours.

I did a lot of research into many different companies and found the homeworking packages at Hays Travel. I knew instantly that this position was right for me as I admired and respected the brand.

There are so many amazing reasons that I love working for Hays Travel as a homeworker; here are just a small selection:

1. Homeworking gives me the flexibility to work around my busy life and I have the opportunity to work with my husband and his self-employed business too.

2. I am in charge of my own destiny! I choose my own hours and days that suit me and my family’s lifestyle.

3. I plan my day the way I want to. I can wake up and take my children to school, walk the dog and put the washing on without having to explain to anyone why I’m not in my office by 9am.

4. There is no rush hour traffic to contend with and I save a fortune on travel costs.

5. I receive such fantastic support from head office and even though I am at home, I never feel like I am alone with their endless amount of support.

6. With 60% commission, I am in control of how much I earn.

7. The love from my fellow homeworkers is incredible. We have a lovely little group of us locally who do training session together and chat regularly

This is the best decision I have ever made. I love what I do and I would recommend to anyone that they take that leap of faith and become their own boss! Click here to find out more!