Meet the Grads - Georgina Earley

 Georgina Blog

My first month at Hays Travel has been one I will never forget. Our first week was spent with the training department getting to know all there is to know about the business and also what the next two years on our graduate management journey will look like.

The induction week, I found, was really interesting especially when it came to spending a day in a retail branch. This was a great way to find out how each part of the business functions from head office to the front line in the retail sector. After our induction week we started in our new placement departments, at the beginning of August, where we will be staying for the next four months.

My first placement is with the Creative department, a very exciting, productive and fast-paced department. The creative department is the design and production central for all things Hays Travel, creating anything and everything from Banners and brochures to doing photography and videography.

My first project was to create and present to John and Irene Hays at the beginning of September about the Creative department as well as two other departments which we were given. I had Hays Travel for Business and also the Hays Travel Foundation. I had to mention what I had contributed to the Creative department as well as showcase what the department achieved within the first month of my placement there. For the presentation project I also had to come up with some Public Relations (PR) and communication strategies which I felt would benefit the departments I was assigned to as well.

Although this initially seemed for me a quite big project to start on, it really allowed me to be able to get stuck in to something important immediately. The whole experience from start to finish was a rewarding and positive experience. I learned a lot about the business but also about myself. It was a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to have my ideas listened to and appreciated so early on in the journey especially when it is coming from the best in the business, being John and Irene Hays.

 Georgina Blog

Also, throughout my first month I have been very hands on with working on other projects which the Creative department have been a part of such as: copywriting and proofreading for the Best of Cruise campaign as well helping out Caroline with creating and distributing press releases about the work of the Hays Travel Foundation within the local press both up and down the country. I have already started to see some success with this which has been amazing to be a part of as well as being able to have the chance to showcase and use the skillsets I learned and developed from University in a real working environment.

My next three months within the Creative Department will involve developing and implementing the strategies I suggested in my presentation and I honestly cannot wait to see my ideas being developed further.

As we are on the Graduate Management Programme, we have the opportunity to get involved with any amounts of training in order to develop and enhance our managerial experience and skillset. This is not the only thing however, we also have the privilege to be part of a family which has people in it who can and will offer you support and guidance if you need it too.

I cannot say this enough, everyone since the get go have been so welcoming and kind both in and outside the department. Steve has given me a lot of support and advice so far and I couldn’t be happier to be as involved as I am with the general day to day of the department as well as working on my projects and objectives too.

All three graduates have been so fortunate to be invited to two overseas conference in the upcoming months in Turkey for both the Independence Group (IG) and Managers (Retail) Conferences. This is something I did not expect to happen to us for some time but I feel very privileged to have been invited to go along to experience yet another side to Hays Travel. The conferences give us the chance to listen to some of the most influential people within the travel industry through the guest speakers who attend.

I cannot really put into words just how I feel after my first month at Hays Travel but I will try to give it a go. I truly feel so privileged and honoured with all that has happened to us graduates in the last four weeks. It has been an incredible whirlwind.

I have to say that I am a bit shocked, but in a good way, with how much responsibility and trust they have put in us so early on. I already truly feel part of the Hays Travel family and I cannot wait for what other projects that both I and my fellow grads will be able to get our teeth into over the next two years.