Emily Adams - The best things about my apprenticeship

 Emily Adams

The best thing about working in Hays Travel for myself is the constant feeling of team work and that you are never alone. No matter what you are facing work related or at home, you have so many caring people around you.

Your branch team, RSMS and the training department are always there. The massive amount of support I receive through Hays Travel always motivates me to want to achieve more

I have done a lot of training in my nearly 3 years in Hays Travel. When I started the company I lacked confidence, my training sessions instantly started to improve this.

Within a couple of weeks in Hays Travel I felt at home and confident in what I was doing. One of the most beneficial training sessions I experienced was the Stress Busting session. It teaches you how to deal with multiple different situations in the best way possible and to not let things bother you. Since I started my role in Hays Travel I am now a much more confident person and due to all the training I received I also enjoy helping other apprentices in branch as I know the situations they are in due to personal experience.

Due to all of my training in branch and my overwhelming support in branch. I was awarded apprentice of the year 2017. This pushed me even more and made me want to achieve so much more in my second year. This made me over achieve a senior highflyer target in my second year.

Another amazing thing John Hays provides for us year after year is an amazing Summer and Winter party. This is an informal day that means we can see friends we have made over the years and appreciate the sense of family that Hays offer us.

I believe joining the Hays Travel Apprenticeship scheme is the best thing I ever did. It has made my life so much more relaxing as I know I have always got someone to support me in whatever I do.