Ellie Macqueen: What My Hays Apprenticeship Is Teaching Me

Ellie Macqueen

Ellie began her apprenticeship in September 2019 at our Sunderland Head Office, in the Social Media Department, as a Regional Social Media Coordinator Apprentice. Read more about how she is getting on so far…

I found out about the Hays Travel Apprenticeship programme through a friend who was already an apprentice at Hays Travel. I asked him how to apply and he advised me to fill out an online application, which I did and I was successful.

After completing one year of college, I knew I wanted a change. I chose to start my apprenticeship journey at Hays Travel as after reading over the job description, I found that there was lots of different training programmes and I knew this would be perfect as it would allow me to develop not only professionally but, personally. In addition, I wanted to gain practical work experience with the added bonus of earning a wage and at Hays Travel, this was possible.

The thing I love about being an apprentice at Hays Travel is that, in training sessions, I get an insight into the whole company and this allows me to see how the company works together and succeeds.

The highlight of my apprenticeship programme so far is how much I have developed myself personally, as I have learnt many new skills and gained a lot of experience and confidence that I can use in the future. I have also gained new friends which is really nice, as I feel comfortable in my working environment.

My apprenticeship at Hays Travel is helping to build my future career as I am gaining skills and knowledge that I need in order to progress. With help of the training sessions, I have been able to gain a lot of confidence and other life skills.

I am enjoying my apprenticeship and can’t wait to see where it will take me in the future.

Ellie Macqueen

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