Chelsea Boon - My apprenticeship Journey

Chelsea Boon

I started my 2 year apprenticeship in August 2016 in the Paignton branch after studying travel and tourism at college. I have since signed off and am now a qualified travel consultant within the Paignton branch, and also an apprentice ambassador for the company.

I really enjoyed completing my apprenticeship with Hays as the support, training and opportunities are fab!

It’s a great way to earn whilst you learn as it gives you a real insight into the job and the industry. There is also a lot to learn so this gave me the knowledge I needed to kick start my career, you don’t realise how much you actually learn! The training they provide is great, it gives you the knowledge and confidence to take back into your branch to sell holidays with a high standard of customer service. It is also a great chance to meet and get to know other apprentices and staff within Hays.

We get some brilliant opportunities working for Hays, the discounted holidays are a massive bonus but the extras like going on ship visits, for someone who has never cruise before this helped me massive amounts to be able to sell cruises to my customers! Also attending supplier and training events/evenings, as well as learning loads and coming away with some good information it’s also a chance to again meet staff from other branches and win some fab prizes, I’ve been lucky enough to win a pair of free flight tickets!

Overall I love my job working for both Hays Travel and within the Paignton team, the people I work with are like a work family to me, they have supported me through my apprenticeship journey and helped me get where I am today as a travel consultant.

As a team we’ve participated in the Rowcroft sleep walk raising money for the hospice. We work with our local school, attending their award evenings which I have done for the past 2 years where we present a pupil with the ‘Hays Travel’ trophy which we donate.

I would highly recommend the apprenticeship for anyone who has an interest or passion for travel, the people you get to meet and the things you get to see and learn really is amazing.

Chelsea Boon