Aysia Cann- Kick-starting my future in travel!

Aysia (second from right) and her team members in Honiton

Aysia started her apprenticeship journey in August 2019 and hasn’t looked back since…

I heard about the Hays Travel apprenticeship programme through word of mouth whilst searching for travel careers, as this was my passion. I hadn't thought of an apprenticeship, but upon hearing all the benefits Hays Travel had to offer, it sounded like just what I was looking for.

I applied because I love to travel myself so the idea of finding other people their dream holidays was perfectly suited to me and drove me to apply, and I haven’t regretted it since.

The thing I enjoy the most about the apprenticeship is constantly learning every day, being with my team and the support they give me. Training is so fun, there is never a dull session. We are always learning something new, we have tasks that we work on as a group which makes the days even better. As well as this we are all in the same position, we share all of our proud moments since last training and are constantly learning new things, helping each other out.

My team are just amazing, they help me out whenever I need it and they will never leave me alone on something I am unsure on. They have taught me so much and have supported me from my very first day. They constantly edge me on to go that step further and get me outside of my comfort zone so I can progress in my apprenticeship, but they would never push me too far and they are always there every step for if I have a problem or any questions. The whole team are enthusiastic about my learning and apprenticeship work

I have achieved so much since working for hays travel, such as meeting monthly targets, as well as my High Flyer target in February. And recently I have been nominated for apprentice of the month.

I can certainly see my future progressing here, I absolutely love every single day. It's always something different and no two days are the same in travel which keeps it interesting and fun!

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