What To Expect at the Airport

Date Posted: 02/09/2020

Let us help you have a stress-free experience from the moment you arrive at the airport for your next big getaway. We’ve partnered up with the UK’s market leader for travel extras, Holiday Extras, to give you a quick rundown of what you can expect when you arrive at your selected airport. You might be feeling unsure how your holiday is going to start and what the airport process will be like; but rest assured you can find all the answers to your questions by simply reading on…

What to expect on arrival at the airport

Having your holiday essentials all packed in your suitcase and making your way to the airport is an exciting start to any travel adventure. Things aren’t going to be quite as you remember when you get to the airport this time; but the important thing is that everyone stays safe to ensure travel can resume.

○ When you step inside any airport in the UK it is mandatory to wear a face mask throughout the whole process, unless you are asked to remove it by security. So, that’s from the moment the automatic doors open to when you reach your final destination at the other end

○ Unless you require assistance during travel; if you are being dropped off at the airport by somebody else, they are not allowed to accompany you into the terminal building

○ You can expect to find social distancing measures in place throughout the entire airport. Queues will be clearly sign-posted to help you maintain a two-metre distance from others and some seating areas may be rearranged or blocked off to aid this. There will also be a one-way system to make sure things run smoothly

○ Checking in is the next part, and you’ll notice that protective Perspex screens have been put in place at almost every airport to reduce contact and keep you safe. The majority of airports are now actively encouraging you to check-in online and use self-service as standard

○ Plenty of hand sanitiser will be available all around the terminal; make sure you use this frequently before and after touching chairs, tables, and other communal surfaces

○ Most airports are trialling temperature checks to ensure you’re not a risk to others travelling

○ Cleaning regimes will be increased and some airports are trialling UV cleaning for an even safer method​

What to expect when you board the plane

○ Safety measures will continue once you board your flight. Despite being in an enclosed space with others, there has been plenty put in place to help you feel comfortable while flying.

○ It’s possible you may be asked to scan your own boarding pass. Once you’re on the plane, it’s extremely important to listen to the boarding announcements to help with social distancing

○ You’ll be required to wear a face mask throughout the flight; but are allowed to remove it when eating and drinking

○ Any cabin baggage you bring, you’ll be required to store this yourself; so it’s advisable to bring as little as you can aboard

○ There will be some empty seats on board to aid social distancing; but this shouldn’t be seen as an opportunity to seat-hop

○ Limited contact will be in place with your cabin crew, as well as a reduced service, which means there may be less food and drink on offer or none at all

○ You’ll be encouraged to stay in your seat as much as possible unless you need to use the toilet


Holiday Extras is the UK's market leader for travel extras… So, it’s their Covid-secure promise to you that you can feel confident to travel in the near future during these uncertain times. If you would like to find out more please contact your local Hays Travel branch using our handy branch locator.